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In the early-to-mid 1970's hundreds of White men, women and children were murdered by black Muslims as an initiation to an organization called the "Death Angels." These were known as the "Zebra Killings" after the radio channel (Z) that the investigators working the case used. Once they became a Death Angel, black wings were affixed to their photograph and put on display along with the other members at highly secret meetings. In order to "earn their wings", prospects were required to kill either 9 White men, 5 White women or 4 White children. The purported reason for the difference in number of victims needed to become a member was that it was believed to require more fanaticism to murder women and kids. The real reason was that it was much easier to kill those who were weaker and less likely to fight back. Even nigger terrorists are lazy. The most encouraged method of killing was hacking with a machete, and this was sometimes done, as in the case of Richard and Quita Hague, who were kidnapped in October of 1973 in San Francisco. Grabbed from the street and thrown into a van by three armed niggers, the Hagues were bound hand and foot and driven to a remote location where Mrs. Hague was brutally beaten, raped and then beheaded and her husband was repeatedly hacked in the face with the same machete and left for dead. (He was later found wandering down the street, his hands still tied behind his back and the skin of his face and head hanging in strips.)

While the prospective Death Angels were only supposed to kill us "White devils" and not rob and rape, that is exactly what they often did, especially when women were the victims. At least one male victim is known to have been raped before having a butcher knife plunged into his back.

While their leaders encouraged them to use knives and machetes, the predominant method of killing that was actually used was shooting the victim in the back with a small caliber handgun, usually a .32. While many died from this, more than a few were left paralyzed, facing years of operations and painful rehabilitation. By late 1973 there were 15 known accredited Death Angels in California alone. This means that a total of 135 men, 75 women or 60 children (or some combination) had to be murdered. Not all of the gang members were ever identified, nor were all of the victims. Many White hitchikers were murdered either on the highway or after having been picked up, who were not even known to be in California and so were subsequently never reported missing there. Others were so horribly mutilated that they could never be identified, as in the case of John Doe #169, who was only known to be a Zebra victim after one of the participants in his death turned himself in and admitted his role. This unknown person was kidnapped, stripped naked, tied to a wooden chair, gagged, and tortured to death at a meeting of black Muslims in the loft of the Black Self Help Moving company, a Muslim front business. Each participant was handed one of a variety of instruments; a knife, a cleaver, metal cutters, etc., and told to remove one body part at a time. Toes, eyes, ears, fingers and eventually arms, legs and head were hacked away and later tossed into the San Francisco Bay. Only the torso was ever recovered.

By February 1974 police had confirmed more than 70 initiation murders in the San Francisco area alone. Other cities where White victims were either hacked or shot by black Muslim suspects were Oakland, Berkley, Long Beach, Signal Hill, Santa Barbara, Palo Alto, Pacifica, San Diego and Los Angeles.

Eventually the White public began to panic after realizing that hundreds of seemingly unconnected attacks were actually a concerted effort on the part of black extremists to start a wave of terror which would result in the extermination of all White people. Special task forces were set up to coordinate various police agencies and compile information, and rewards of up to thirty thousand dollars were offered for any leads in the cases. San Francisco county supervisor Alfred J. Nelder requested that then-president Ronald Reagan offer an additional ten thousand dollars in federal monies but the president never responded. As much as the government and media tried to downplay and even deny the racial aspects of the attacks, Whites were aware that they were being hunted by their former slaves. Police in San Francisco began stopping young black males on the street and within days hundreds had been asked to show I.D. and answer questions. Niggers began staying indoors to avoid being hassled by the cops and major crimes in the city (murder, rape, burglary, robbery, and aggravated assault) immediately dropped by 30.7%.

After seeing a wanted poster with his likeness on it Anthony Harris, an ex-convict and would-be Death Angel, turned himself in and began talking. Seven nigger Muslims were arrested and put on what was at the time the longest trial in California's history (one year and six days). 108 witnesses and 8,000 pages of transcript later those seven were put away but many questions remain unanswered: How many other victims were there and how many Death Angels walk the streets today? Why did it take the media and police so long to alert the citizenry that they were being targeted by racist gangs? Why were the Zebra killings almost unheard of outside of California at the time and hardly mentioned even today?

The world knows the name of Rodney King because a few cops kicked his ass, but who has ever heard of Quita and Richard Hague, Ellen Linder, Frances Rose, Paul Dancik, Arthur Agnos, Marietta DiGirolamo, Ilario Bertucci, Angela Roselli, Neal Moynihan, Mildred Hosler, Tana Smith, Vincent Wollin, John Bambic, Roxeanne McMillan, Thomas Rainwater, Linda Story, Ward Anderson, Terry White or Nelson Shields IV, just a handful of the White people who were victims of the largest serial murder ring in U.S. history?

The most important question that comes to my mind is: How much longer will we put up with this? Hell I don't blame the niggers. I learned in prison that "nothing happens to you that you don't let happen to you." If we are dumb enough to let our former slaves rape our women and hack them to death in the street, then not only do we deserve it, but we deserve more of it.

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