Why White is Right

By Bro. Michael Ireland

The White Race and its members are the pinnacle of humanity, showing that it is supreme by broadcasting itself across the world - even to outer space. To see why we have forged this way forward, wee must look to the past, to the foundations that our great Race was launched from.

We, as a separate sub-species of Homo sapiens, known as Homo sapiens sapiens, left the easy rich pickings of Africa and passed through mountains and desert, to reach the ancestral homelands of central Eurasia. Here we survived, free amongst the rich grasslands, taming horses, cattle, dogs and other useful animals. Wee also got rid of the enemy to all Mankind, by ridding the world of the Neanderthal, a backward and sub-human race. We then expanded from this and sought more from our land. We dug the minerals out of the ground, after utilizing that which was easily available.

Throughout all of this, through our expansion of body, location and mind, we suffered immensely from the environment. We went through periods of deprivation, ages of ice and cold, and attacks by animals, fighting over the same scant resources. The White Race went forward, using its immense brain and will power to overcome these obstacles. We found new resources, better ways at succeeding at our problems and ways to make the world a better place for us and our children.

We developed this brain power because of our environment but I can not help but wonder why we left the ease of the rainforest, for the harshness of the cold. This is something that would be interesting for all generations to kow of. For though we are people of the North, we were once of the rainforest and I think that I know why we left.

We left because we were the innovators, the thinkers, the inventors. We left because we did not desire the life of idle luxury, where food was delivered to our hearth and fires, on an almost daily basis. We wanted to use our minds for the enhancing of our species, to broaden our horizons, to get out of the rut and into creativity.

Thus, we went forth and conquered lands and people - we never stayedin one spot, always driving ourselves forward, both in physical ad mental directions. We crossed mountains, oceans and even the vacuum of space ! Wherever we have gone, it has always been a White Man who led the way. May we always remember this and be proud of our collective achievements.


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