White Supremacy

By Anonymous

When it comes to the argument of white supremacy there are many different views. Many use scientific research regarding brain size and IQ averages. While these are valid points I don't think they are the determining factors. I think a race's credibility and distinction has more to do with its moral and social ideals.

In America it is quite apparent that the black and Hispanic communities lack the social integrity that defines contemporary civilisation. They are killing each other in record numbers and force-feeding their own people drugs and liquor. The obvious lack of social consciousness these people lack show that the moral decay they promote has nothing to do with the so-called oppression they suffer.

The White community on the other hand, almost constantly displays a close-knit group who care about their next-door neighbours as much as themselves. They are only too willing to pull together to help others and expect no reward. It is this behaviour that separates us from them. This is what defines racial superiority. Our colour is not what makes us better but the moral standards that bind us together.

Animals in the wilderness live in a more stable communal environment than the blacks and then they wonder why we call them animals. It is an insult to compare some of nature's greatest creations to these slack jawed bipeds. Aryan man displays what sort of behaviour that should be exemplified by the other races but they refuse. Instead we are made to feel guilty about our superiority and expected to lower our standing to accomodate these sub-humans.

It is these simple facts that prove to me that the White man must continue to be the dominant species on Earth. The continual pandering to these people by the government is disgusting the very people that support them. It once again proves that the WCOTC is greatly needed. Only together can the Aryan people once again assert dominance over the other races. Rahowa !

"The stronger must dominate and not blend with the weak, thus sacrificing his own greatness. Only the born weakling could view this as cruel." Adolph Hitler

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