By Brother Shaun Simmonds

The White Race ....

The White Race is the most successful and inventive race in history, over untold years our race has struggled from the barren ice fields of the north to the burning deserts of Africa and Australia. The greatest Nations and Civilizations in human history have always been White, at least in origin. So what makes the White race superior ? First and foremost is our ability to survive, followed by a love of violence that is inherent in our genes, this is predominantly visible in our love of war and violent sports.

Some of our White ancestors, notably the Norseman/Vikings, and the Germanic tribesmen, were notorious for their violence and fighting ability. The Germanic peoples are held singly responsible for halting the growth of the ROman Empire, while the Vikings held all of Europe, Russia and parts of Africa and the Mediterranean in terror for centuries. Even today this love of fighting is visible in our love of full contact sports, Rugby, Rugby League and boxing to name just three that I like.

Likewise our sense of nationality and tribal belonging has always been exemplary. The White or Aryan Race is responsible for the vast percentage of inventions throughout history. Our downfall has been to share these with unworthy lesser races, who have used them against us. Every time the White Race has shown compassion towards the various mud races, we have regretted it, and now when we turn a blind eye to Multiculturalism, or worse yet endorse it, we again sow the seeds of our destruction.

With the flood of incoming Third-World Immigrants into western countries, our once prosperous nations have begun the spiral into collaspe. The economic cost of educating, re-training and supporting these vast numbers of illiterate Asian rice farmers, and dirty Arabic camel jockeys, is simply staggering. each year more come, each year we let them, citing the great cultural rewards they offer us, like ghettoization, Asianisation, Recession, Multiculturalism and understanding. As if we need any of these things ...

Before the abolishment of the White Australia Policy this country thrived, even with the influx of European immigrants after World War 2 (all White) did nothing to slow our economic and cultural growth as a nation. The European immigrants soon adapted to our way of life, and integrated themselves with the Australian population, giving this country an influx of new blood and ideas. However, the abolishment of the White Australia Policy has set the stage for a cultural invasion of our nation, swarming masses of Asian immigrants and boat people now flock to these shores, they do not integrate, they do not co-operate and they do not wish to be "Australian".

The Economic cost is killing us, unemployment has never been higher regardless of what the Government says and how they twist the figures. The man and woman on the street knows how hard it is to get full-time employment, small business is increassingly persecuted, and civil libertians thrive on social disorder and chaos they invent. The Aboriginal peoples recieve favourable treatment from our Government and we are told this is only fair, when we all privately agree it is not ! The media does nothing but lie and manipulate facts to serve its master the Jew, who has a vested interest in keeping the status quo.

As the years go on, and the situation worsens, more and m ore of today's youth look at what is happening and cannot believe that they live in this banana republic. They increasingly look for someone to rescue our Race and our country from this cesspit of Multiculturalism. The Aryan consciousness is slowly reawkening, we shall not cease our fight until we set our Race free from oppression for all time, this is why the White Race is superior to all others - WE DON'T GIVE UP... Delenda Est Judaica

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