Creativity World Wide

By Brother Shaun Simmonds

This Planet is Ours!

We all know this cry, we all believe in it, but....what are we doing to make it a reality? Simply getting on the internet and abusing niggers and kikes in chat rooms (while entertaining) is not productive to our great cause! If our Religious ideals are to become a living reality then we must do more, much more. Our glorious church is now Twenty Eight years old, with every year it grows stronger through out America, we distribute the FACTS, we proselytize, we go on radio and t.v. to make our presence known.

All of these things are certainly working in our favour, new members join us with every passing day, and most people have heard about us even if they don't really know what we are about. Our leader Pontifex Maximus Matt Hale has the reins firmly in his hands, and with the aid of every Creator we spread our gospel far and wide! In fact we spread so far and so fast that it can be hard to keep up, they don't call us the fastest growing white supremacist group in the world for nothing....

America, Canada, Australia, New-Zealand, South Africa, England, France, Germany, Poland, Russia, Croatia, Serbia, I have spoken to dedicated Creators in all these countries. All of them have the same problem it seems, LACK OF INFORMATION. While Creators out-side the U.S. can and do order the Holy Books of Creativity and other materials from our main church in Peoria, they lack the resources and knowledge to expand fast in their own countries.

The Facts That The Government And The Media Don't Want You To Know is excellent material for recruiting.....but only in America! Here in Australia we find ourselves having to research for extended periods on the Internet, just to find comparable information that relates to Australia. The good white citizens of our country know of America only what they see on Jew T.V., and it means little to them, I am assured by Creators world wide that they have the same problem!

Here we are attempting to assemble all the information necessary for an Australian version of "THE FACTS", this is slow tedious work, and although we WILL succeed with time, it can be frustrating and tends to stunt the immediate growth of the church here. I encourage all Creators outside the U.S. to likewise assemble a version of "THE FACTS" that suits the cultural realities of your own countries. Dig for statistics from your governments on immigration and the racial make-up of immigrants, find out where they live, how much it costs the tax payers of your country to let them live among you. Ask yourselves (or your governments), do they integrate with us or live separately? Do they work? If so, who's job have they taken?

Likewise find out who owns the major banks and corporations in your country (guess who?), who owns the media outlets? who amongst your government is jewish?, or non-white?, or corrupt?, or all of the above! Research the treaties your country has signed with the U.N! Has the government called for a public referendum on any of these issues? if not why not? if yes then what affect if any did it have? I'm sure you all see the great amount of work necessary to complete your own version of "THE FACTS".

Also, get together with other Creators in your country! If you can not meet them personally then at least talk via telephone or internet. Pool your resources and network your skills amongst each other, organise country wide recruiting drives to run con-currently! Set up post office boxes and telephone hotlines if possible.

Also, get together with other Creators in your country! If you can not meet them personally then at least talk via telephone or internet. Pool your resources and network your skills amongst each other, organise country wide recruiting drives to run con-currently! Set up POST OFFICE BOXES and or TELEPHONE HOTLINES. If you can not help with this directly then perhaps you can donate funds to help with costs! Even small amounts of money can help.

Never turn down an offer of help! Never! Personal animosity should be set aside in the name of our cause, focus on what you are doing now not on what may have happened in the past. Never stop recruiting and spreading the word to our White Racial Brethren, work in co-operation with groups that have similar goals but divergent philosophies as us (like the KKK). We differ on certain issues( like christianity), but we desire the same end result, and the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Never talk badly about a fellow Creator in public! If we all edify every one of our members it makes them take pride in their efforts and re-doubles their dedication to our cause. It also shows non-members that we stick together and protect our own, which is the linch pin of long term success. If people wish to help but can not (for lack of funds) or will not join the church then let them, they may change their minds later (several here have). recruit the youth of any age! They will be the most willing to listen and learn, and will secure the future of our church.

Create stickers, Fliers, Posters, Web Sites or any other form of Media you need to recruit locally.

I am planning in the future to Create a CD ROM that will contain all these things, as well as advice and instructions on how to set up web pages (including Graphics), how and where to recruit( and where not to), how to setup and maintain regular church services and ceremonies, how to go about translating the Holy Books into your countries language, and how to get them printed!

All these things are time consuming and difficult to do( re-inventing the wheel as it where..), but they can be done! White men and Women of faith can do whatever they set their minds to! Finally, read memorise and re-read all of the Holy Books you can get your hands on, then take the test for becoming a Reverend! Remember, nothing changes if we don't change first! Although America is the Spiritual Home of Creativity, those of us outside her borders needs must learn to stand on our own two feet, if or rather when we re-take our white nations back!


Brother Shaun Simmonds Australia 28 AC


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