My Awakening...

My father is Irish, my mother English, I am Australian. My life so far has been a good one; my father was in the British Army and the Australian Air Force, my mother’s family has a great tradition of service in the Royal Navy, so when I turned seventeen I enlisted in the Royal Australian Navy. I had barely finished training as a gunnery rating when I was sent to the Gulf War on the H.M.A.S. Brisbane. I was decorated by the J.O.G. three times, receiving the Australian Service Medal (ASM), the Australian Active Service Medal (AASM), the Liberation of Kuwait Medal (KWS), and my unit (ship) received the Unit Citation for Meritorious Service from the representative of Her Britannic Majesty, Queen Elisabeth the Second, Governor General Sir William Dean.

After four years service in the Armed Forces of the Commonwealth of Australia I de-mustered of my own choice. I then spent four years looking for work, unsuccessfully, before I received a part time job on the Commonwealth Government’s "gun buy-back " scheme. Although this was a welcome chance to make some income, I was disturbed at the notion of disarming the public. These laws I thought would not stop criminals from getting semi-automatic firearms; it would only hurt the honest gun owner! Tragically I was proven correct, as it is now many years later and the violent crime statistics involving illegal firearms are twice as high as they used to be.

I began to pay more attention to Politics, toying with the idea of standing with the new One Nation Party, founded by Pauline Hanson. However, I did not believe it would be victorious; again I was proven correct when the two major political parties (Liberal and Labour) and the media launched a vicious and hateful campaign against One Nation. The lies and distortions that were leveled at them convinced me that politics is rigged, and that the "powers that be" would permit no challenges to their position. I watched in helpless rage as the Liberal Government of Prime Minister John Howard, slashed funding for Hospitals, Schools and Defence, and increased spending on Aboriginals, Immigrants and the Gay and Lesbian community.

They fuddled unemployment numbers and were caught grafting public money, yet nothing was done. In 1999 I was collared for a "work for the welfare" scheme (gov. slave labour), I became sick of being used as a slave for government projects, and elected to further my education at the local Institute of T.A.F.E. (community college), with an Associate Diploma in Information Technology. Whilst there I met and befriended several people who now stand with me and the Church, whilst we cruised the Internet one afternoon Michael found a site called "The World Church of the Creator". We soon were downloading copious amounts of information on the Church and exploring the links provided; at first I believed this was merely another "Christian Nazi" extremist sicko group (like those our TV channels tell us about), but as we read further it became evident that this was something very different indeed.

I have never been a religious person; in the Navy my I.D. tags read N.A. (not affiliated). So I was sceptical about the message of the Church, and its American source (Australians have no great love for America). In Australia we are taught to dislike the influence American culture has on our society; we are also taught that Americans are loud, obnoxious, prideful and arrogant! My earlier meetings with members of the American armed forces had only confirmed this, and so I believed that all Americans were the same. The World Church of the Creator soon changed that opinion, and my opinion on Multiculturalism. I had never agreed with the unchecked immigration that my country allowed, but had never really given it much thought, as I read through the material from the WCOTC I opened my eyes (finally) to what was really going on around me.

My White consciousness had awoken! I now questioned everything I saw and heard in the media, and I came to the conclusion that we (the people) were being lied to constantly. With a few friends I started a weekly meeting at my house to discuss matters pertaining to Race and Politics, very quickly I came to accept the truth of the message the World Church of the Creator presents. I stated my intention to join the Church, and was quickly joined by many of my friends, relatives and aquantices.

We immediately began to educate them on the race issue, they were very interested and full of questions (which is great), at this time I also had a house full of Aboriginals living next door, and during meetings we could always count on their drunken fights and vandalism to prove our point about the lesser races. In a few weeks another recruit, and a few weeks later yet more recruits, we couldn't keep up with the numbers,Our numbers were swelling fast, and as yet we were not members (by the time you read this, we will be).

Then came the day I was woken by having a newspaper shoved under my nose, emblazened upon the front page was our glorious Pontifex Maximus Rev Mathew Hale, and the slogan NAZI HATE CLAN HERE! Well needless to say that caused a stir! We had JewsMedia from all over the country coming to see us, requesting interviews both personally and by e-mail.The full account of this story can be found at under the newspaper articles heading.

Again we experienced an influx of members, (as well as chasing away some gutless hobbiests) and our chapter grew to new strengths.Since this time our chapter has experienced everything from police intimidation to traitors in our midst, all of which has been a great learning curve for us of course. However we continue from strength to strength with only minor hiccups, and the future of our cause in Australia looks brighter with every day. Again and again the Jews and their lackeys drive more of our White Racial Comrades to the Awakening of their Racial Spirits, and we welcome them back to their true Racial family with open arms and pride in our hearts.

Truly, nothing on this Earth has ever had such an effect on the Racial Soul of our people as does the Creed and programme of The World Church of the Creator. This, our Holy Racial Religion Creativity is the last true hope for our Race, and I see it everyday in the eyes of those White Racial Comrades who have awoken and joined us in our Holy Cause. The changes it has wrought in the hearts of these people is amazing, I consider myself truly honored to watch their Racial pride grow and their sense of self worth and self esteem reach new horizons under the guidance of our Creed and programme for Racial and Social salvation.

My heart is full of the message of Racial purity and unity, although I have long been a strong Nationalist as most Australians are; I no longer think that way, instead I consider myself an International Socialist out to make the White Race whole again, I am no longer concerned with the fate of a single nation, but rather that of my entire Race regardless of Geographical location.

I have accepted that my Race is my Religion, and that my mission in life is to go forth and convert the blind white masses. To this end I pledge my heart, mind and soul and know that I am merely a small part in a large machine, a machine called the White Race. Australia is fertile ground for our Church and our message, the youth of this country are fed up with politicians and tricksters running their lives and are looking for real answers. As we here in Australia take up the Holy Banner of Creativity and march towards the new dawn of White Civilization, we do so knowing that we are the vanguard of a movement that will sweep the World in years to come. Our hearts are pure, our will is legion, our strength is resolute, and our numbers grow.

March into the darkness with your faith before you, and your comrades beside you, Woe unto the sons of Zion, the North Man Comes!

RAHOWA... and the Fourteen Words!!



By Bro. S. Simmonds

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