A Single Mother's View

As a racially aware single mother living in Rockhampton (Queensland, Australia), I am disappointed and most times down-right disgusted at the double standards applied to local nuisances.

For example : The amount of mostly Aboriginal teenagers/children seen in public, in broad daylight, "chroming" - you can not go anywhere in Rockhampton without seeing paint everywhere on footpaths, etc. Surely the local council or government can come up with a solution to this problem.[Editor's Note- "Chroming" is the charming practice of sniffing paint/petroleum fumes from a spray can to get high.]

Also, the amount of Aboriginal scum that congregate in local parklands to get intoxicated and cause public menace. It is certainly not safe to try and walk your children or yourself past these places !! In actual fact, a majority of local suburb-based parks are no longer safe to take children to.

Surely, if a bunch of White folk were found to be carrying on in parks as these Aboriginal scum do, the police would be among the first to act. We would be charged with being drunk in public, causing a public menace and basically anything else they can throw at us !!

These are a couple of the most infuriating displays to be put on by our local embarassments to our society.

I declare this topic open for comment, etc.. What do other Rockhampton residents think ??

If more of us had the guts to stand up and state how unhappy we were with the local situations, something may get done.

By Anonymous.

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