Many people are naturally afraid of the police, and I believe that the reason behind this to be the lack of knowledge. Police know all about the laws, all those small ones we break everyday, but no-one worries about because they are too rigorous to enforce. However, we know that they are out there and the police will use that against us, if we take positive action of our beliefs. We must remain strong though : for while they can hold us on some small minor charge - e.g. littering after running a coon down - these are very minor and can be circumvented or overcomed. In this example, you pay the littering fine and walk out - no need to stay there to be intimidated.

The police use intimidation as their main "interrogation" tool, to frighten us, to make us feel small and pathetic. However, we are neither small nor are we pathetic. We are members of that proud White Race and can do anything that we set our minds too. I think that it is this lack of knowledge that causes our followers to be reticient in standing forward, to promote what they believe is to be the truth. A simple rule to remember is that the truth can never be suppressed, it always comes out.

Here follows some of my own personal experiences and perceptions of what police do, here in Queensland, Australia. I know not what methods are employed by other states or the Federal Police. Perhaps these recollections and thoughts can help others overcome their fears. Rahowa !!

  • TACTICS USED BY THE POLICE :- The police in my situation used the tactics of :

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