THE NIGGERS OF THE SOUTH : Articles of the Aboriginals of Australia

By Brother Michael Ireland

The niggers here are one of the most laziest sub-races. These days, without the need to earn sustenance and housing, they have devolved even further into a pathetic remnant of an equally pathetic race. Alcohol, petrol, paint and glue are the drugs of choice. After their initial invasion of the island continent, approximately 60,000 years, they have remained in a rut ever since.

I could discuss many issues here about the blacks, but I shall devote this article to just one aspect : due to their primitive nature when discovered, they have been widely accepted as being the world's "first" eco-warriors or environmentalists. This is a falsehood - the blacks have decried over the loss of the animals, since the White Race has arrived, whilst neglecting their own history with the flora and fauna of this country.

It is easier to see the impact of the White Race upon this land, because we are here to record it and note it. The blacks never cared whether something died out or not - they just moved on. Secondly, this lack of data is what the blacks use against others who wish to show the truth - how can you prove that they made extinct numerous animals, when we know of less than a hundred, and they can show many more by the White Race.

However, the blacks DID destroy animal species, of many types across Australia. They also introduced a pest onto this land, another claim they throw at us of the White Race. People can see that rabbits, foxes and camels are not native to this land, but often forget that the dingo is as well an intruder, and not a native.

So, how did they do it ?? Well, they did it by burning large areas of land. Australia has been isolated for millions of years from the many evolutionary changes that have happened elsewhere. The majority of our mammals are marsupials, a more primitive form of mammals, and we have the only two known monotremes in the world - mammals that lay eggs. The flora of this land have evolved into accepting the fires that occur, due to lightning strikes - indeed the seeds of some plants may not be able to germinate until they have been fired.

The blacks fired all year, every year. The natural order of things was thrown out of kilter, as most of our bushfires come in the summer months only. Thus the plants adapted and evolved - but with consistent burning off, the small plants that have only just started to grow, do not have the protection of their older plants and die out. This has a knock-on effect. No plants, no herbivores who eat them.

Another factor in the extinction was the hunting of the mega-fauna of Australia. It has been promoted that the only mega-fauna that has survived the mass-hunting by the blacks is the red kangaroo (Macropus rufus)- at a reduced size as well. Attacking the young (and smaller) of these animals, that only reproduced at a slow rate, as well as, eating the eggs of the giant birds too, the effect was dramatic. Reduced offspring, means fewer numbers of the species to continue on. With the incessant burning off, the plant resources are reduced as well, meaning fewer food stocks for the survivors.

While climatic factors have been touted as explanations for this extinction, it hasn't been shown as often that the mega-fauna had survived previous climatic extremes and lived on, until the arrival of the blacks. One example of this survivor was the ostrich-sized bird known as Genyornis newtoni suddenly disappeared about 50,000 years ago.

Here follows a list of shame of animals that have been killed off by the blacks - they are not environmentalists, they are just another decimating horde of sub-humans :

  1. 85% of Australian mega-fauna over 100 pounds : GONE
  2. 19 species of marsupials over 220 pounds : GONE
  3. Diprotodon (hippotamus-sized wombat) : GONE
  4. a 25 foot long, 3 foot wide snake : GONE
  5. a 25 foot long lizard, Megalonia - the giant goanna : GONE
  6. a Volkswagen-sized giant horned tortoise : GONE
  7. Genyornis newtoni - the ostrich-sized bird : GONE
  8. Sthenurus - a kangaraoo : GONE
  9. Thylacoleo - the marsupial lion : GONE

Brother Michael Ireland Australia 28 AC


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