Call to stand up to racism


THE ARRIVAL in Rockhampton of the World Church Of The Creator (WCOTC), should be an opportunity for the community to stand up against racism, an Aboriginal spokesman said yesterday.

Aboriginal and Torress Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC regional chairman David Wragge said news that the anti-Christian, anti-Semitic and racist WCOTC had established itself locally should encourage unity in the region.

"The community needs to be aware of these groups and take a stand against them - to object to propaganda and to say to the government and to people inpower that it's not acceptable to us and we want something done," he said.

"It's also important to teach our children that thius type of racist behaviour is not acceptable."

He said ignoring the group was not the answer, echoing indigenous representative Margaret Hornagold's comments that the community must be vigilant.

"That's why the Pauline Hanson is still around ... John Howard refused to deal with it," Mr Wragge said.

Melbourne-based watchdog B'nai B'rith said the WCOTC had taken root in Rockhampton only in the last one to two months.

"Until The Morning Bulletin article we weren't sure they were in Queensland," spokesman Benseon Apple said.

WCOTC local representatives are still unavailable for comment.

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