Schwarten slams 'cowardly' bigots

The local organisers of the race-hate group the World Church of the Creator are "cowardly ratbags" who should have the "guts" to show their face and declare their beliefs publicly, Member for Rockhampton Robert Schwarten said yesterday.

Angry that racist WCOTC propaganda may be giving Rockhampton a bad reputation, Mr Schwarten yesterday said local residents deserved better.

"These anonymous WCOTC ratbags and cowards are skulking in the shadows and using the internet to disseminate racist and fascist views around the world that reflect badly on Rockhampton," he said.

"My challenge to them is to come out of the shadows and let everyone put faces to their extremist views."

Mr Schwarten said he wanted to make it clear to the WCOTC and to the national and international community that Rockhampton did not support the group's white supremacy ideals but was instead developing into a proud multicultural city.

"The Rockhampton people are justifiably outraged that their city is now listed as a place that supposedly tolerates racist and fascist views."

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