By Bro. Michael Ireland

Multi-culturalism means the mixing of cultures, to form one single individual culture. This cannot be correct, for within diversity, there is strength. The idea of making a single culture means that they are looking for a single race.

The jews have always had their own culture, refusing to change or to fit within their conquerors culture, maintaining a separate and distinct identity. They consistently force the idea of establishing one cultural identity, but not their own, establishing a secondary class underneath their own.

So, when we have people saying that there is a need for multi-culturalism, what they are saying is that they want to control all the people, via one mechanism. It does not matter whether it is a Christian-based culture, a pagan or a brand new one, as long as they are all under just one culture, it can thus be controlled.

It must be remembered that when Pol Pot took over Cambodia, he almost successfully eradicated the famous dancers of Cambodia, eliminating a culture. It was only with great effort that money and facilities were made available to help this culture from collaspe.

So why don't we, of the great White Race, pursue this idea fully and completely, and prevent the mongrelisation of our culture ??!! We must stand up and be proud of our culture, stand up and say "Nay !" to those who wish to drag us down !!

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