Multiculturalism - What it means to me ...

By Bro. Shaun Simmonds

Multiculturalism is a utopian view of the race question, which stems from the end of World War Two. After hostilities had ceased, and the United Nations was formed, countries and people began looking for a way to avoid another World War. The concept of all peoples living together in harmony and peace is a noble vision, and so they proceeded to make it a reality.

Unfortunately, this idea is unachievable. The social, economic and religious differences between races precludes the successful integration of these diverse peoples into one society, history is replete with failed examples of forced racial integration. For an example, we habe the Roman Empire, for a thousand years Rome ruled unchallenged in the western world, imposing a Pax Romana on Western Civilization. However, complacency and the importation of tens of thousands of immigrants, legally and illegally, as well as several free citizenship amnesties by the rulers of the day, combined to drain the resources of the state and people. This continued until the empire was so weak as to be unable to resist large scale invasions of barbarian peoples, most of whom had learnt the art of war from the Romans themselves.

A further example of the idiocy of Multiculturalism can be seen in the decline of the British Empire, when World War One broke, the British Commonwealth was strong, healthy and predominantly ruled by Whites. The result, of course, is evident in that Britain and her dominions achieved victory. However, by the onset of World War Two, the empire had begun to come apart at the seams, several of the Commonwealth countries were clamouring for independence, although the empire held together until the end of the war, it would never recover.

In a few short years Britain lost Egypt, India, Palestine, Israel, Kenya, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, The New Hebreidies and dozens of other countries worldwide. While several of these coutnries were already independent, they realised that Britain could no longer offer the support and protection it once had, and they began to look elsewhere. Also the native peoples of several countries (notably Egypt and India) demanded independence from colonial rule.

The former British Empire is now a sorry reflection of its former glory, England itself, operating under the rules of Multiculturalism, is now swamped with immigrants from its former vassal states. Forcing this kind of rubbish down the throats of western society is having no other effect than the systematic destruction of western culture and ideals, the falling standards of Morality, Religion, Law and Government over the past Fifty years have been staggering. This decline and fall of western culture will continue unless it is actively oppose, we no longer will tolerate, co-operate or ignore the deeliberate destruction of our society, race and moral values by imported, illiterate third world garbage.

The time is now ! If you wish your children to grow up in a country that in anyway resembles what we think Australia is, then you must make a stand right now ! White people awake save the white race !

We can no longer afford the apathy our country is famous for ... DELENDA EST JUDACIA

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