By Anonymous

Australia is in the grip of a destructive force. It is eating at the social fibres that have shaped this country and its people. This force is tearing our country apart and it seems nobody cares. Multiculturalism is the integratiion of numerous races and cultures in an environment. Each race is meant to draw off of each other cultures taking the best and incorporating it into their own. In theory this is an excellant concept but it will never work.

People hold their own culture close to heart. The very notion that they should adapt to suit other cultures is often met with anger. It is this cultural inertia that breeds conflict and removes all hope of harmony.

Australia is a prime example of this conflict. It is like seedlings fighting each other for sun. It cannot and will no work. The politicians are afraid to confront this issue for fear of being called a racist, but, if we do not confront it, it can only get worse. If a person moves to ur country, and wants to live here, they must adopt our culture. A nation shouldn't change to appease the minority. America has succumbed to this racial illness and they have no hope of turning back. Australia will soon follow unless we, the white race, stand up and defend OUR rights. Then and only then, will Australia return to the proud nation it once was. RAHOWA !

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