A Reply Letter to a "Liberal"

By Brother Erik D.

[This leter was a reply to someone who could be considered to be a liberal. As such, the webmaster of this site has allowed the intended reciever of this note to be anonymous, to protect their rights. As well, there is a possible misrepresentation on the actual percentage of members of the White Race - this is due to the method of how you classify a "White" person, and is inherent in all systems of population analyses. The percentage given maybe incorrect. If so, please send the correct percentage and the reference you obtained it from to this webmaster. Thank you. RAHOWA !!]

Subj: Re: A Continuous Issue

Date: 12/27/2001 5:13:35 AM Central Standard Time

From: XXXblahXXX@msn.com (Erik D)

To: XXXblahXXX@aol.com

CC: PMHale1@aol.com (Matt Hale)

Greetings Mr. XXXXXXX,

Reverend Hale asked me to respond to you because of the volume of email and letters he receives on a daily basis. First, let me apologize for taking so long to get back to you... things have been a little hectic lately.

In response to your first question, Reverend Hale received his undergraduate degree in Political Science from Bradley University, and his Law degree from Southern Illinois University.

You asked how Jews and other "minorities" seek to undermine the status of White males in the United States.

Before I respond, I'd like to address the issue of non-White people being called "minorities". In the early part of this century White people were approximately 33% of the worlds population. However, after 2 fraticidal "world" wars (in which mostly the White world was involved), and after decades of declining birthrates, abortion, and subsidization of non-Whites, White people are now only about 8% of the worlds population, and shrinking very fast.

Also, only 2% of the women of child bearing age are White, which means that in one generation we will be lucky to be 2% of the worlds population. Those numbers are straight from the United Nations population data. This is a tragedy as far as we are concerned, and we feel that for everyone BUT White people to be called "minorities" is grossly misleading. This is just one more lie told by the controlled media. White people may be a temporary majority in America, but that will soon end. We are actually the true minority on planet Earth.

But, you asked how Jews and other non-Whites undermine the status of White males in the US.

First, I would say that they undermine the well-being and status of our people as a whole, not just White males. If White people are to survive, we will need exclusive territority, so that our people may flourish, and the presence of large numbers of non-Whites, many of whom are living at our expense, off our productivity and ingenuity, and hostile to our interests, is endangering the continued existence of White people as a whole. It is projected that by 2050 at the latest (and I believe much sooner), White people will no longer be a majority in America, and the same also holds true for all White nations around the world.

If we are not careful, we will soon find ourselves without a homeland. Every other race of people has an exclusive homeland... Jews have Israel, Blacks have many African nations, Arabs have many nations, Asians have many exclusively Asian nations, but White people have no homeland any longer. I don't think anyone can claim that this is fair, and it will certainly result in our extinction if we don't take corrective action soon.

Jews are different from most other non-White people in that they don't threaten us by their sheer numbers, but by their negative influence in the media and government. Check out this page here for the facts about Jewish media control, and what that means for non-Jews due to the Jewish religious view of non-Jews:


You asked about race being a "social contruct", and that is hard for me personally to even discuss because I find it so preposterous. Every single biologist and scientist before the current politically correct era believed in race, including Darwin, and if you look around, your eyes, nose and brain will tell you the same thing. There are actually many racial differences besides hair texture and skin color. Those are only a few visible differences, but there are many others. The "facts" webpage listed above will also address these differences.

To me, that idea that race is a "social contruct" is just as illogical as saying that breeds of dogs or birds don't really exist, but are a social construct. It's like saying the only difference between a blue-jay and a cardinal is the color of their feathers, or the only difference between a golden retriever and a german shepherd is the color of their fur. It's preposterous, and anyone who knows biology and zoology knows it's not true. It's hard for me to even talk about with a straight face.

Regarding the "one drop" idea, that is one which we do not necessarily subscribe to, because it is not that simple. Most so-called "black" inventors had some or much White blood in them, and we have never seen a full-blooded black African inventor. I have investigated this issue personally, and found this to be true. However, we would not consider them White... they are hybrids or mongrels. The bottom line as far as we are concerned is, if you look White, feel White, identify as White, and act White, then you are probably White, and can join our Church. Beyond that, we don't get into splitting hairs too much at the present time. People who are White know who they are, as does most everyone else.

You asked whether your inquiry is representative of a larger societal interest in these ideas, and I would say that it is. We have been very busy fielding inquiries, and I have seen a lot more people express interest in learning more about our Church and our ideas. Many White people are starting to sense that something is very wrong with America. I myself was raised very liberal, and it took me years of reading and researching to come to the conclusions that I did. Many other White people are starting to question the current PC dogma, and are probably wondering like I used to:

"Where are all the non-White nations that accept White immigrants and refugees and give us welfare, free housing, schooling, medical insurance, jobs and citizenship at their expense? And, if there aren't any, why not?"

"If blacks are just as smart as White people, where are all the black philosophers, scientists, and inventors, and where is the African Space Agency, African Motor Car Company, African Oil Company or African Software Company?"

"How come the media is completely liberal, and pro race-mixing, and when I look at the ownership and control of the mass media, it is almost totally owned and controlled by Jews? Why is this?"

"Why is segregation and apartheid bad for America and South Africa as the Jewish controlled media told me, but good for the Jewish nation of Israel?"

"Why was slavery in America a bad thing, but White sex slavery in Israel is widespread, and not even illegal?"

Many White people are starting to wonder these things, and wondering leads them to look for answers from us and other so-called "hate groups". The reality is, we are called "hate groups" because the Jewish controlled media hates what we have to say, and won't debate us on the facts and issues because it knows we are right.

You asked how I would convince a liberal Democrat such as yourself, and I can only say that I come from a Northeastern liberal Democratic family, and was one myself, and I came to these conclusions by honestly researching the issues and not being afraid of what I found.

The first thing I would ask you to do is, ask yourself: "If the Jews are such wonderful people as we've been told, and are just like us, but only a little smarter, a little more sensitive, and a little more "chosen" in the eyes of this god Yahweh they designed, then why is it legal in Israel for them to lure White Eastern European and Russian women with the promise of tutoring, waitressing or dancing jobs, and then proceed to force them into prostitution, kidnap them, rape them, beat them, torture them, and essentially hold them as sex slaves in brothels, all with the blessing of the Jewish religion and Israeli law, under which it is totally legal?

As one of the following articles states, in Israel "there is not a law against selling women". This information has been in the NY Times, countless other publications, and is well documented. Please take a look at these pages here:



Then ask yourself... What kind of people are the Jews?

What exactly does their religion preach that allows them to do such things?


Why are we subsidizing these people to the tune of tens of billions of dollars a year, which they then use to murder Palestinian men, women, children and babies, bulldoze their houses down, and then label them "terrorists" when they resist their own slaughter?

If you are really a liberal, and care at all for human rights, human decency, and truth and honesty, you will realize that what we say about Jews and their evil religion is absolutely true, and see that we have the documentation to prove it.

I hope that I have answered your questions satisfactorily, and if you have any more questions, please feel free to me or Reverend Hale anytime. I'd also love to hear your opinion on the FACTS site, and the White slavery information. Whatever your verdict on these issues, I wish you and your family all the best this holiday season.


Brother Erik D.

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