Letters to the Editor,The Morning Bulletin

Monday 9th April, 2001 (28 A.C.)

Bigots not welcome here

In reply to M.J. Ireland, TMB 31/3/01.

You believe that the World Church of the Creator will solve the bigotry and hate that goes with racism and achieve "white supremacy".

You mention that, literally, non-whites are trying to mongrelise the white race.

I believe that your radical society is mongrelising religion regardless of race, colour or creed

You are using religion to cover up the fact that your society are radical extremists who are intolerant of the views of the religious believers regardless of their colour or creed.

By the way, who is you Creator?

Is he from outer space or does he occupy the big chair in the United States?

Go home mate.

Don't disgrace the meaning of religion with your bigoted claptrap.

You are not welcomed here!

G. A. Winn, Rockhampton.

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