Letters to the Editor,The Morning Bulletin

Friday 6th April, 2001 (28 A.C.)

Reality needed

No, Michael J. Ireland, it is not all right to have a so-called religion that is pro white.

Human beings come in all shapes, sizes and colours. The only thing that might make one variety of human inferior to the others is the ignorant attitude that all other varieties are somehow inferior to the variety to which you happen to belong by accident of birth.

This attitude denotes an inferior intellect, a faulty knowledge of history, geography and anthropology and an extremely immature grasp of reality.

It puts the World Church of the Creator at the absolute bottom of the human scale.

And, for your information, Jews also come in every variety of size, shape, colour and nationaility. So do Christians. So do Islamic peoples.

Jews might be pro-Jewish because that is the faith to which they belong and Christians might be pro-Christian because that is the faith to which they belong, but Islamic peoples are pro-Islam, their faith, not pro-Arabic, just one nationality among the many where the Islamic faith has spread.

As for your unsubstantiated assertion that Jews have infiltrated positions of power globally in order to enslave the rest of us, that is an ancient piece of vicious propaganda that is only believed nowadays by the mentally inadequate dwellers in cloud cuckoo land.

You could assert, with a great deal more evidence to support it, that white people have done that very thing of which you accuse Jews. And you'd still be wrong.

What you need is a healing dose of reality.

A. B. May, Rockhampton.

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