Letters to the Editor,The Morning Bulletin

Tuesday 13th March, 2001 (28 A.C.)

'Other' side's opinion

Re the emergence of "hate" in Rockhampton : I am writing to give my two cents' worth in regard to this latest incident, that has consumed much of your newsprint already.

I do believe that I am qualified to give the "other" side's opinion, as you have already published in your newspaper that I am racist (re Sarah Britten's letter).

Seeing the TV article on the local news, I went to the website shown and had a look around.

It was quite interesting in that there seems to be no mention of Nazism in there, especially in regard to its ideology.

Oh yes, it does mention that Adolf Hitler was a much-admired man but does that mean that they are Nazis ?

I liked the way that, in your Saturday edition, you managed to get those famous buzzwords of "hate", "nazi" and "clan".

I also liked the way the Editor, John Schalch says :"That anyone could possibly judge people on ... their religious beliefs .. is deplorable and unintelligent".

Since you are attacking/judging someone for their religious beliefs, i.e. the members of the World Church of the Creator, does that mean John Schalch and, by consequence, The Morning Bulletin, is "deplorable and unintelligent" ?

And here I so honestly thought that the newspapers were neutral and non biased, not affected by outside political forces. I must be so naive.

Michael J. Ireland, North Rockhampton.


Let us look at this article that I wrote and see what it is about, especially in the selectivity of the phrases and timing of its publication.

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