Letters to the Editor,The Morning Bulletin

Monday 12th March, 2001 (28 A.C.)

Act against the menace

Thanks to Linda Brady for exposing the abhorrent activities of the so-called World "church" of the Creator (WCOTC).

No doubt, there are people who will lap up the drivel promulgated by the Matt Hales of this world.

However, it's impossible to have any respect for people who don't have the courage to publicly stand by their creed or give a shred of rational evidence to support their bizarre claims but rather hide behind a post box or a web message.

These are the sort of people who would try to convince us that the simple fluke of being born with white skin somehow engenders a divine "right to rule".

History has made a mockery of this mentality so often that it becomes tedious to have the same hoary old chestnut dragged out on stage with such predictable regularity.

Nonetheless, we should not make the mistake of ignoring the very real menace that this group's beliefs represent.

Anyone with a bit of life experience knows that ignoring danger never makes it go away.

This group needs to be told in no uncertain terms that they and their beliefs are not welcome in Rockhampton, Australia, or, indeed, anywhere in the world.

J.J. Smith, Rockhampton.

Immigrant danger

It must be said that, while this letter does not pertain to the World Church of the Creator's struggle in Rockhampton, the points raised are of interest to us all.

Our graziers, beef and pork exporters think they are onto a good thing with the British foot and mouth outbreak coming on top of mad cow disease and crippling that country's beef, port [sic] and sheep industry.

Well, you can bet good money on the fact that foot and mouth was taken into Britain by illegal immigrants, the same illegals that our navy goes hundreds of klicks [i.e. kilometres] out to sea to bring in.

Then there are the tens of thousands of illegals wandering about the country who have never been screened and then there are the backpackers and tourists.

To be realistic we can't stop tons of coke and heroin coming in every year.

What chance of stopping someone bringing in a phial or two of foot and mouth bacteria ? No chance.

I'd bet Saddam has not taken his eyes off CNN for a week !

B. Linsket, Alton Downs.

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