Letters to the Editor,The Morning Bulletin

Tuesday 6th March, 2001 (28 A.C.)

No place in our society

Please allow me to take up your call to have an opinion on The Weekend Bulletin headline of February 24 : "Nazi hate clan here".

I believe I would express the unaminous voice of the Christian community of Rockhampton when I state that this World Church of the Creator has no place in our society whatsoever.

To judge a person on the colour of their skin just shows how unintelligent this church is, and I find extreme difficulty in referring to them as a church as they are certainly not a Church of God, as Christianity itself was based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

We need to remind this World Church that Jesus was from the Middle East and was of Jewish origin and all the hatred and racism they are promoting today would include Jesus Himself.

When Jesus was amongst us, some 2000 years ago now, He made it very clear to us that what we do to the least of His people, we do to Him.(Gospel of Matthew,25).

How could a church possibly foster such intolerance and racism to its fellow man ?

God, who is the Creator of all of us, regardless of sex or colour, created us all in His own image and even more importantly, He created us all equal.

I, personally, have very fond memories, as I am sure a lot of Rocky people have, of going to school with Aboriginal and Islander people, whom wwe learnt and played with, without any thought of their skin being darker or any different to any of us.

This racially aggressive, anti-Semitic and anti-Christian organisation has no place in Rockhampton, Queensland or Australia, and the sooner they get this message to take their post box and all it stands for back to the USA, the better.

Let us all make sure that this sticker and website campaign is squashed before it gets started and let us pray for social justice throughout the world.

Kev Hogan, North Rockhampton.

Prosecute rotton eggs

The report in The Weekend Bulletin (24/2) really sickens me.

Rockhampton is basically a tolerant society, but there has to be some rotton eggs in every basket.

Unfortunately, the rise of Pauline Hanson has shown the world that racism does exist in Australia and, although racist sentiments are only held by a minority, the rest of the world's media have noticed this and made a big issue out of it.

It has been reported that Pauline Hanson has been touring the southern states of the USA and talking to extreme rightwing political groups and the gun lobby, so how much influence has she had in this ?

Even if she hasn't actively encouraged them to come here, she has given them grounds to believe there is an opening here for them. The gun lobby has also been keen to promote an extreme right-wing image for Australia.

Being an ex-serviceman and enjoying occasional target practice, I too was against the gun laws, but after hearing arguments and rantings from some of the pro-gun lobby, I decided that there were a lot of gun owners who couldn't be trusted with firearms at all.

Unfortunately, this made the many decent gun owners look bad also.

Like a lot of ordinary citizens, I found it hard to believe that an extreme racist group could appear in our society and I hope they quickly can be shown that they won't be tolerated here.

I also hope that the police are quick to prosecute this white trash.

We do not have the population to support our mining and agricultural industries; therefore, we rely heavily on exports, especially to Asia, to keep these industries viable.

Imagine what would happen to the rural sector should these markets collaspe.

Also take into consideration the impact on our tourism and education industries (CQU).

Incidentally, I am a white Australian of UK descent.

Mal Russel, Gracemere

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