Letters to the Editor, The Morning Bulletin

Monday 8th January, 2007 A.D. (34 A.C.)

No more rights than rabbits

I reply to Doug Belot's letter (MB 30/12) Iran vs Israel.

I see that the alleged Holocaust - I like to think that we are still a free country in which one can express doubts about historical events - has popped its head up and, yet again, it is in the defence of that apartheid state called Israel.

How strange that the great defence that this country has is this historical anomaly - criticise Israel,out comes the "Oh, woe is me!" Holocaust story.

Is it against the law to express doubt about the existence of Jesus Christ? No.

Is it against the law to epxress doubt about the severity of the massacres in the years after Communist Russia arose? No.

Is it against the law to express doubt about the Holocaust - Note: this is a holocaust only for the Jews, as nothing is said about the homosexuals, gypsises or blacks that were also thrown into the camps - apparently, yes it is.

So, Doug Belot says that Iraq is the oven to which the surrounding countries are feeding with terrorism, money and propaganda.

Be fearful of the horrible nuclear bombs!  

The irony is that Israel is the only country in the Middle East that has nuclear weapons - the others that are mentioned are so far behind that it is laughable.

Should Israel be destroyed?

It is a made up state, carved out of the old Ottoman Empire, given to the British, populated by Palestinians for centuries and within five years after the alleged Holocaust in world War II, was given to the Jews.

So, yes, it should be removed, as those Jews came from other countries such as Europe, the USA and Russia; they have no more right there than rabbits in Australia.

Bro Michael Ireland, 

North Rockhampton

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