Letters to the Editor, The Morning Bulletin

Friday 4th August, 2006 A.D. (33 A.C.)

Israel adds fuel to the fire

Once more the Middle East is in crisis and we can fairly point the blame at Israel for creating even more chaos, throwing fuel onto the fire already blazing throughout the region.

If someone can say that this is not a bullying tactic to promote Israel's agenda in this area, then I do not know what would be.

The situation is like this - Israel says that it has kidnapped soldiers by a militant group.

If they had tried to ransom the soldiers (they are only kidnapped, not dead) they would have stopped the civilian deaths that the resultant heavyhanded artillery barrage caused.

Now the situation intensifies and we are the verge of a major conflict which could have been avoided if handled more diplomatically.

One mus wonder whether the Israelis actually care about the carnage they are creating.

And where is the sheriff of the free world ?

How come the USA does not  stand up and demand the immediate withdrawal of all forces from the war zone - which is not between two countries, so, it could be said that Israel is the aggressive party here.

    Why doesn't the USA pull Israel into line, even with something as banal as the prohibition of using the weapons it sells to other countries, in wars that are not purely for defence ?

Israel gets the vast majority of its arms and money from the USA, so, that is something which should be pushed forth and right now !

Still, the world looks away and Israel gets to destroy another chance at peace in this part of the world.

It would appear that this is just what it wants - where Israel can flex its muscle whenever it wants and not one major country even blinks an eyelid.

What is this mysterious hold that Israel has on the world at large, in that it can go to war against another country and that country's leader, instead of asking for help from an attacking nation, pitifully held out for a humanitarian aid plea ?

Is Lebanon afraid of speaking out against Israel, that it might even have a worse time of it ?

The thorn in the Middle East side is most definately Israel and the sooner it is pulled, the better the world at large is.

Bro Michael Ireland, 

North Rockhampton

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