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Friday 31st March, 2006 A.D. (33 A.C.)

Holocaust denial jailable offence

In regards to the article about David Irving (TMB 20/2), there are some interesting points to be made in relation to this.

According to the law of quite a few European countries, you cannot deny the alleged Holocaust of the Jews during WWII.  Indeed, even by myself, writing here that it is a mere allegation, I could be charged and sent to jail if I was doing this in Austria, Germany or even France, for example.

Ten years in jail for saying the Holocaust did not happen or, as in David Irving's case, simply saying that it was only one million dead, no six million - heck, that is up there with armed robbery and manslaughter; crimes that have real impact.

So where is the reasoning behind this ?  How did this so-called Holocaust become so important that by denying it you are sent to jail ?  Why has this particular Holocaust been deemed by the various European governments to have such a harsh penalty associated with it ?

The answer is simple but by stating it publically, one could be sent to jail under the new laws here in Australia for defaming an ethnic group or religion.  Again, one must ask how did it get to this stage when serious historical analysis and public scrutiny have now become a crime ?

The ultimate irony is that if David Irving is convicted of this crime - and it is all but a certainty - then woe betide the managers of the Auschwitz Memorial Site, for they have denied the Holocaust as well.

Considering how this particular place is so important in the Holocaust industry for them to have public doubts about the number of dead Jews, well it must allow criticism and historical study of the entire event surely.

In the interests of true academic study, we should be able to discuss and determine what happened without the threat of government bigotry, under such an Orwellian nightmare.

Michael Ireland, 

North Rockhampton

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