Letters to the Editor,The Morning Bulletin

Saturday 24th December, 2005 A.D. (32 A.C.)

Culture of short-sightedness

RE: T. Bradbury, 5/12/05.  How wonderful it is that you are so short-sighted in the delights of your own culture, that you are so willing to lose everything that our ancestors created and maintained, just so that you can enjoy the joy of eating different foods and wearing funny clothes.

The differences in the cultures is that there are different races behind the cultures.  It is a symbiotic relationship and those that transfer from one to the other are never fully assimilated until they are consumed.  Then they are lost forever.

For example, look at what happened in Cronulla on the weekend.  A bunch of people from a different race, using their own specific culture, attacked and sparked a riot between them and the Europeans who were there.  They use their own culture like a sledgehammer, crashing down upon our own.  From the reports that have come out from there, this was just the straw that broke the camel's back.  Despite growing up in our fair and easy-going lifestyle, despite using all of our technology and benefits, they refused to accept our culture, and used force to dominate us, with their own lousy culture.

The question, T. Bradbury, is not whether I would give up being everything Australian when I moved to another country, but whether others who come here will give up everything to become Australian?  It seems that they want their cake and eat it at the same time; proud to revel in their culture, yet also refuse to temper their excesses when they come within our culture.  How can such a philosophy result in peace and harmony?

The cultures, as well as the races behind them, cannot exist harmoniously together.  How much extra effort do white Europeans have to go through, how much more stepping back and refusing to stand up for own culture - a rich and noble one that it is, how much longer do we need to forget what our ancestors did, just so these minorities feel like they are at home?  If they want to be that way, then why did they leave?  If they want to continue to be like that, they can go back to their lands and revel in their cultural excesses.

Michael Ireland, 

North Rockhampton

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