Letters to the Editor,The Morning Bulletin

Saturday 26th November, 2005 A.D. (32 A.C.)

Re: The French Violence

Multi-culturalism does not work. This is something that we all have to face up to, rather sooner than later. Despite all the vibes given off by this government and the bleeding-heart liberals, it just does not work. Look at what is happening in France.

In France, there was a scuffle with police and some people died in an accident. Sad to say, it was only an accident as I doubt that either 1) the police could be bother with purposely killing these specific people or 2) they were incompetent. Yet, the Africans and Arabs there decided to go onto a rage and destruction spree, burning cars, bashing people. Another point was that it lasted for over a week – a whole week of violence aimed at their host nation. And no-one said a word about the real reason behind it. Multi-culturalism does not work.

Now, the same violence has been seen here in Australia, when another accident led to the Redfern violence of recent notoriety. This led to copy cat violence, just like the French violence is also being seen in Belgium as well. Since the newspapers seem unable to state the obvious, it makes one wonder whether these perpetrators were also African or Arab as well.

The whole ironic twist to this story is that over in France, the Africans and Arabs behind the riots blame the Europeans for this violence ! They did not give them enough opportunities for work and as such, they riot. This sounds like, to me a form of blackmail – give us work or we will destroy your nation. If the theory of the multi-culturalists is true, then these Africans and Arabs are supposedly just as good as the Europeans and so do not need special treatment for work and such. By requesting such help, it shatters that theory, like a brick through a car window.

It is hard to say how can these religions, all based so many centuries ago, can be made to reconcile with modern day notions of equality, tolerance and fairness. Each of these religions have contradictions, inherent violence and grave injustices within their holy books, which are bound to insult some group. A conundrum is that since these holy books are direct from their particular god, one can not be able to change the words within them to suit a more modern outlook.

No multi-ethnic and multi-religious state has ever existed in the long term; they have all collapsed Once the Roman Empire brought in Africans and Arabs in, they collapsed within two and a half centuries; the USSR lasted just over 80 years. With conflict within a state, that same state cannot grow and prosper.

Let us face the truth – multi-culturalism does not work. And, yes, we can do something to fix the current situation as well, if only our leaders were not too busy selling us down the drain for their own short term profit and started looking out for the majority of the people here. May I say it again – multi-culturalism does not work !

Michael Ireland, North Rockhampton

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