Letters to the Editor,The Morning Bulletin

Saturday 16th June, 2001 (28 A.C.)

People lose power

In your newspaper this week, I ran across an article which showed that te State Government is going to utilise its majority in power to push through unpopular bills/amendments.

What I am most appalled at is that it appears that the people of this State are willing to lose their power by allowing this to happen.

In particular, I would like to point out the push for the amendment for the anti-racial and religion bill.

The Premier of this State said in an interview a few months ago that the main reason for the push for this amendment is because of the alleged racial attack by the World Church of the Creator here in Rockhampton.

That is a blatant lie.

The amendment had been in process for nearly a year, before being stuck in limbo in November last year.

Suddenly, lo and behold, a terrible, viscious racial attack happened here in Rockhampton and we must stop the evil racists from promoting white pride.

Then the Premier goes on TV, saying that we should stop this and thus, we are going to push through this Bill amendment. Little does anyone know that the Bill says, in spirit at least, that is is against the law to stop people from believing in their each and every religion ; yet, he said that the World Church of the Creator, a recognised religion, should not be allowed to exist in Queensland. Does this not sound like a contradiction to you ?

Just remember these facts :

As the Bill appears to be passed already, let me remind the public that once this Government has used the emotionally-charged issues, it will then use the new laws for non-emotional issues that affect us all.

Michael J. Ireland, North Rockhampton.

While this person doesn't subscribe to the views of Creativity, he does make the excellant point about the "Treaty" for the 'niggers of the south' and the lack of Federal Goverment information.

Demand details of treaty policy

Your editorial (TMB, 1/6) demanded that the Federal Labor Party spell out the actual details of their "rollback" policy.

In other words, policy in detail up-front, please.

I get the feeling that 'the establishment' has decided that it's the ALP's turn, but I suspect support is conditional on them bringing in the Aboriginal treaty.

A smart Coalition election strategist, concerned only with winning the next election, would seek to ignore every other policy area, but from every political platform demand details of the ALP's 'treaty policy'.

If adequate answers were not forthcoming, it would be reasonable to quote from the UN draft declaration of the rights of indigenous peoples and ask how the wording of 'a treaty' might differ from that anti-nation state, anti-human document.

Actually, I do not expect to hear a murmur from the Coalition parties, because they take their policy instruction from the same puppet-masters as does the ALP.

What we need are a few representatives who will ask perrtinent questions.

Those electors who do not desire a divided Australia should realise that a vote for any of the mainstream political parties will not only take us further along the socio-economic divide, but also down 'treaty road'.

A.R. Purvis,Tambo.

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