The Impact of the Jews

by J.R. Colson September 6, 2002

My late grandfather had a reputation for never saying a bad word about anybody. If he did not like someone, he simply kept quiet about the matter. Further, he was as honest as a Pope, and as a result was well respected in the Nebraska community where he lived.

Those great features of my grandfather are key to the following anecdote about Jews. One day, a group of us relatives -- me, my grandfather, my uncle and a few others -- were talking about religion. At some point during our conversation, the subject of Jews came up. When it did, a dark cloud came over the face of my grandfather, and he said something that was quite out of character for him: "if people knew the truth about Jews," he said, "they would go down to the nearest synagogue and burn it to the ground." Whether anyone in the room was shocked by that statement or not, I do not recall. But at that time, I was about 12 years old, so the statement meant nothing to me. After all, what did I know about religion? Only now, looking back, do I understand the significance of what was said, and who said it.

Knowing what I know about Jews today, I would actually amend my grandfather's statement about Jews to this: "if gentiles -- non-Jews -- knew the truth about Jews, they would stalk down city streets with rifles in their hands, looking for Jews, and would likely shoot every Jew they found."

What? You have doubts, reader? Let's take a look at the impact that Jews -- a race by interbreeding -- have had on America and the West.

If not for Jews:

  1. The Vietnam War -- with its tens of thousands of White gentile deaths -- would not have occurred, since Communism would not have existed; Jews invented and spread Communism.[1]
  2. The Korean War would also not have occurred, for the same reason as above.
  3. WWII would not have occurred either, since the movement which was a reaction to Jewish Communism -- called Nazism -- would not have existed; further, U.S. president FDR's Jewish pals would not have pushed FDR to antagonize both Germany and Japan.
  4. Feminism -- as we know it today, at least -- would not exist.[2] As a result, latchkey kids would go home to a Mummy, not an empty house and delinquency.
  5. The 1965 immigration act -- which allowed millions of non-White people to flood into America -- would not have become law.[3]
  6. The 1994 Brady gun law and the 1968 Gun Control Act would likely not be in place. Both were championed by powerful Jewish interests and advocated by America's Jew-controlled media.
  7. Blacks today would not be seen as "equal" to Whites, since the civil-rights movement in the West was spearheaded by Jews, not negroes.
  8. China would not be a Communist rogue state that threatens America with her many missiles and large army.
  9. Israel would not exist, meaning that billions of your tax dollars would still be in your pockets.
  10. The horrible F.D. Roosevelt cabal of the 1930s -- chock full of Marxist Jews like Frankfurter and Brandeis and regular commies like Henry Wallace -- would not have frontally assaulted the U.S. Constitution -- e.g., the Marxist re-interpreting of American "interstate commerce," which now allows the Federal government to grossly regulate small business to a Communistic degree.[4]
  11. The world's first large holocaust -- the mass-murdering of some 20 million people in Russia -- would not have occurred, since a) the killers, known as Bolsheviks, were mostly Jewish; and b) Jewish banker Jacob Schiff heavily funded the Bolsheviks.
  12. America would likely not have entered WWI, since the key reason for her entry -- the "promise-to-the-Jews" Balfour Declaration -- would not have existed.

Mind you, these are not all of the terrible things that Jews heaped upon the West, they are only a few. But you get the picture, I hope. In case you do not, allow me to sum up this essay in one sentence: Jews have negatively impacted America and the West -- indeed the entire world -- far more than any other group of humans, to a degree that would boggle most human minds if the matter were widely studied.

It's coming -- again. And we'll finish it this time.


[1] Communism was invented by a Jewish man, Karl Marx, who based that ideology on Jewish communal living. Communism was spread by Jews in Russia and Europe, leading finally to various Asian countries falling victim to Communism; also see here:

[2] Feminism as a Jewish-created-and-led movement:

[3] Jewish Congressman Emmanuel Celler (D-NY) recruited a non-Jew, Sen. Philip Hart (D-MI) as his "frontman" for their 1965 immigration bill (aka the Hart-Celler Act). Only Celler was mentioned at the signing of the bill, not Hart -- a telling indication of who steered that legislation.

[4] E.g., Wickard v. Filburn, 1942. A farmer growing wheat for his own use, on his own property, found that his wheat fell under the heading of "interstate commerce" and was subject to federal regulation. Source: the Von Mises Institute.

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