One hundred and thirteen years ago today there was born unto this world a person who was destined to be both the most reviled and most adored person in the World. Much like Jesus Christ before him, today Adolf Hitler is considered to be the most evil man who ever lived. To a struggling faithful few - yet an ever growing few - he is the prime inspiration which keeps the struggle for the survival of the White Aryan people alive.

This is the Communist/Liberal/Democratic/New World Order view of Hitler as taught daily to our children in schools the White World over:-

  1. He caused single handedly the Second World War, resulting in the deaths of millions
  2. He exterminated well over six million Jews through a policy of purposeful genocide
  3. He cowardly shot himself to avoid having to answer for his crimes against humanity
  4. He was a house painter who was born Schicklgruber not Hitler
  5. In later life he was given to temper tantrums which left him frothing at the mouth and biting carpets
  6. He was a terrible general and was solely responsible for Germany's ruination and defeat
  7. His deeds were worse than those of Joseph Stalin in Russia

This is the White Nationalist/Nationalist Socialist view of Hitler which is NEVER taught to our children in schools throughout the White World over:-

  1. The Second World War was a continuation of the First World War. The Versailles Treaty of 1919 laid such a heavy burden upon a broken and defeated Germany with much of its land given to other countries that the Second World War was inevitable
  2. Hitler knew war was inevitable because organised Internationalism and World Zionism wanted the physical destruction of National Socialist Germany
  3. He reclaimed large parts of Germany such as Austria, the Sudetenland, Danzig and the Ruhr area without war and without a shot being fired. The people of these regions wanted only one thing - reunification with Germany
  4. When Britain declared war on Germany in September 1939, Hitler was deeply shocked. He did not want war with France or Great Britain. The only war he was preparing for was the inevitable one between the two rival systems of the slave state of Marxist Soviet Russia and National Socialist Germany
  5. Germany under National Socialism in no way compared with the repressive, insane state of Stalin. Stalin killed over twenty millions of his OWN people, using them as a source of cheap labour. He was hated and feared throughout his own country and was afraid to ever appear in public because of his morbid fears of assassination
  6. Hitler was loved by the German people and further afield too. He constantly appeared in an open topped car amongst crowds of hundreds of thousands, shaking hands and visiting his people. He walked openly, a possible prime target, amidst admiring crowds. Referendum after referendum voted overwhelmingly for Hilter's government
  7. Communists who had worked for the destruction of Germany received short terms of imprisonment in the 1930's. After release they fled to Stalin only to be imprisoned
  8. Germany was admired throughout the world up to the beginning of the Second World War. Prosperity, law and order and a healthy folk spirit were the normality of National Socialist Germany
  9. There is no record of Hitler EVER having ordered the killing of the Jewish people. Between 1933 and 1939, there was no prevention of Jewish people leaving Germany if they didn't want to stay there. Hundreds of thousands left including Einstein who went on to help develop the atomic bomb
  10. The whole question of the Holocaust ever happening is doubted. Revisionist historians are constantly revealing new facts that bring the question into hot dispute. Even some Holocaust advocates now state that even if it happened (which we challenge), even Hitler knew nothing of it
  11. Hitler was a daring, military genius when a battle had to be faced. Within weeks, sometimes days, he conquered Holland, Belgium, Poland, Yugoslavia, Greece, Norway and Denmark. Most of the rest of Europe, such as Italy and Rumania were allies of Germany against the overwhelming Communist threat that was building in the East.
  12. He was a struggling street artist not a housepainter. He had an examplary record for bravery in the First War receiving both the Iron Cross, Second and First Class. He didn't rave and bite carpets but in his last years was suffering from a progressive form of Parkinson's disease. In his weakened form he could not physically fight in the final days in Berlin in 1945. He took the only course possible, an honourable suicide rather than being paraded through the streets of Communist Moscow in an iron cage. He was never called Schiklgruber

So, two very different views of Hitler. Choose the ZOG version and you can sail along with a distorted view of history and got into no trouble. For you, Hitler can remain an evil, perverted, maniacal genius.

Or, open your mind and choose the White Nationalist/National Socialist version and batten down the hatches! ZOG and the New World Order forces will attack you in every which way but loose. Your job, your free speech, your freedom and your sanity will be reviled, attacked and abused. All we can offer you is the sure knowledge that you will be fighting for the truth - you will be right!

Is Hitler still relevant in this new century and this new millenium? More than ever. The White Race faces real genocide and can look back to his example that if we organise and are true there is a chance for survival and freedom for our people. Without him we have not example to follow - with him we know that we can fight, we can win and once more reclaim the world that is our birthright.

By ARYAN UNITY BULLETIN No.22, April 20th 2002

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