Pontifex Maximus (Supreme Leader) Matt Hale was born on July 27, 1971 to Russell Hale Jr. and Evelyn Ackerson Hale, the last of four sons.  At an early age, he showed intense interest in history and politics, finding that the White Race had contributed disproportionately to the progress of the world.  Prior to this, he had simply believed what he had been taught in school: that the races were all "equal."  By the age of eleven, though, he seriously began to doubt the claim that "all men are created equal," realizing that if they were equal, the races would have contributed equally.  At the age of twelve, he happened upon a second-hand copy of "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" at a Christian bookstore, with an emblazoned swastika on the cover.  He purchased the book for five dollars and put it on his book shelf at his home, deciding to treat it as a mantelpiece due to its immense size (twelve hundred pages).  One day, though, he was drawn to it and began reading, finishing the book a month later.  By the time he was finished, he found himself sympathizing with National Socialism and Adolf Hitler.  Shortly after, he ordered a copy of Hitler's "Mein Kampf."  Though he couldn't quite grasp all of the contents, National Socialism and Adolf Hitler fascinated him, to the point where he along with a few friends formed a group in eighth grade called "The New Reich."

It was also about this time that he first saw racial treason.  At a youth establishment he witnessed a nigger in its late teens repeatedly kissing a young White girl.  This sight made him physically ill and he decided then and there that his mission would be to ensure that one day such sights would never happen again.  His natural instincts, his knowledge of the historical inequality of the races, and his fascination with Adolf Hitler had all come together.  He had found a purpose to life, and it wasn't sports, and nor was it scholastic.  It was doing his part to keep the White Race intact.

Before graduating from high school, he decided to apply for admission to Bradley University, a private school in Peoria, IL.  His admission was accepted (Bradley accepts one in four who apply) and he double majored in Political Science and Music.  he received a partial scholarship for his violin talent.  He graduated from Bradley in May, 1993 with a B.A. in Political Science.

While at Bradley, on February 6, 1990, he made national news after putting up fliers on school bulletin boards advertising an upcoming meeting of his "American White Supremacist Party."  Even though the organization only consisted of seven or eight people, few of whom were really committed, and even though the fliers were only designed to recruit a few additional members to the Party, he was now giving interviews to NBC, CNN, AP, etc.  There was no turning back.

It was also at this time that the existence of the Church of the Creator was brought to his attention.  He read a well-read copy of "Nature's Eternal Religion" loaned to him by a friend and supporter in Washington, IL.  He thought that Creativity encompassed all of the great ideas of National Socialism as well as the great ideas of Friedrich Nietzsche, whom he avidly read in high school.  It was definitely a far superior religion to Christianity.  However, he was still caught in the rut of trying to find a political solution to the racial problem and thought that promoting Creativity publically would be detrimental to public opinion.  Regardless, he did, along with a couple other members, distribute hundreds of Racial Loyalty's each month and maintained contact with COTC headquarters in Otto, North Carolina on a regular basis.

The high point of the AWSP was when members in Colorado flew him out to speak on the capitol steps in Denver on Hitler's birthday on April 20, 1991.  There were many pro-White activists, counter-demonstrators, and police.  Parts of his speech were broadcast on CNN.

In May of 1991, he was arrested on a charge of "Obstruction of Justice," a class 4 felony, after an altercation following a demonstration by he and his brother David.  In October of that year, he was found guilty, but the conviction was reversed in a unanimous decision on appeal in December 1992.

In August of 1992, the National Socialist White American's Party was formed, with Matt Hale as National Leader.  This organization staged numerous demonstrations and several rallies.  He appeared on the "Montel Williams Show," the "Jane Whitney Show," the Jerry Springer Show," and the "Geraldo" show.  Thirty-three issues of The Struggle were produced by the organization until its disbandment in June of 1995.  However, the organization itself was internally and externally weak, for despite his personal activism, it was still simply one small group amongst hundreds of other small groups with the same basic ideas.  There was really no reason for someone to choose the NSWAP over another organization.

In April of 1995, after a well-publicized, four month campaign, he won fourteen percent of the vote in his run for East Peoria City Council, shocking the Jewish media.

With the campaign over, it was naturally the time to do some thinking about the future.  He came to the realization that politics was simply a symptom of a greater problem: the screwed up thinking of the White Race brought about by the Christian religion and that only by inculcating other with a positive, dynamic religion like Creativity, would the White Race be able to survive.  The White Race needed something deeper than a change in its political thought -  it needed a major change in its whole view of the world.  He realized that he had been fighting for years with one hand tied behind his back and that with Creativity (a religion he had known for some time to be Truth), he had a religion that completely encompassed his views and would spark the flame of enthusiasm in others.  After five years of public activism and going from organization to organization (like Ben Klassen), he had finally found his home.  He would dedicate his life to Creativity, would be the "Great Promoter" whom Ben Klassen had searched for, and would seek to do honor to his memory.

He knew when he went full force with Creativity that there was much work to do.  Rick McCarty, who became Pontifex Maximus in 1993 (discussed in Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs) abruptly terminated his leadership under threat of a lawsuit later that year, and the lack of a Pontifex Maximus resulted in factionalization of the church and decrease of support for Creativity.  Though he hadn't sought the position, in October of 1995 (four months following his public declaration of support for Creativity and incessant activism), he was endorsed to become Pontifex Maximus by Rev. Brian Kachikis, Rev. Kachikis noting, "Matt has been a supporter of the C.O.T.C. for many years, put out a monthly Creativity newsletter, and put many Creativity shows on cable access.  Matt also has experience in political parties, run for public office, has great speaking abilities, and has put out a national C.O.T.C. hotline ...".  Within months, he was supported by all Creativity branches, whom he united under The World Church of the Creator.

On July 27, 1996 (23 AC), at a Convention in Montana, the Guardians of the Faith Committee, which Ben Klassen had directed McCarty to set up before his death, unanimously confirmed the appointment of Matt Hale as Pontifex Maximus.

While serving as our Pontifex Maximus, Rev. Hale attended law school at Southern Illinois University, completing his three years of law school with his graduation on May 9, 1998 (25 AC).  He took his twelve hour bar examination on July 28 and July 29 in Chicago, IL, receiving his passing score by mail on October 2.  At the time of this writing, P.M. Hale is waging a crucial struggle to obtain his law license which has thus far been denied him exclusively due to his (and our) religious beliefs.  He is very confident that he will prevail in this struggle as well.

P.M. Hale wishes to express to all members of The World Church of the Creator what a tremendous honor it is for him stand in the role of Ben Klassen as the Pontifex Maximus of the Creativity Movement, what a tremendous honor it is to be the Leader of the multitude of fine, dedicated, and talented White racial Comrades who have joined our ranks, and furthermore that he looks forward to leading Creativity to worldwide White Victory.

In addition to his leadership of the Church and his legal profession, he plays violin professionally in several orchestras, enjoying the celebration of our White Culture.  In addition, he fully practices Salubrious Living as described in The White Man's Bible and Salubrious Living.

The above was taken from The Creator Membership Manual (2nd Edition), XXVI Anno Creativitatis, (1999.)


Rev. Matt Hale continued his struggle to obtain a law license but was unsuccessful in his attempts to obtain one in Illinois where, on December 16, 1998 (25AC) he was deemed to be "unsuitable" to practise law.  Rev. Hale appealed the decision and a hearing was held  on April 10, 1999 (26AC).  On June 30, 1999 (26AC), a Hearing Panel of the Committee on Character and Fitness refused Rev. Hale his license, citing that he lacked the required moral character and fitness to practise law.

This led to a sad point in Rev. Hale's life, as he received, by certified mail, a letter of resignation from his friend, Ben "August" Smith who decided to leave the Church, as he could not stand by the Faith's condemnation of illegal or violent acts.  Ultimately, this letter was written to save Rev. Hale the pain of expelling Ben Smith from the Church, as on July 2, 1999 (26 AC), Ben Smith went on a shooting spree before he allegedly committed suicide on July 5.  Even though Rev. Hale lost his friend and suffered the attempts from various law enforcement agents to imprison him for the alleged shooting spree, he managed to keep the Church together and stood fast against the increasing belligerence of the USA government's attempt to remove him from the social order.

Continuing his work as the Great Promoter, Rev. Hale built the Church up even further: he encouraged the development of the website - which would attract even more adherents to the Faith; developed more cable access television shows, as well as, placing them on the air; committed himself to a long term radio programme about the Faith, debating with callers with their misunderstanding of the Church.

In 2000 (27 A.C.), the TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation filed a lawsuit against the Church, for using the term "Church of the Creator", despite the fact that Our Beloved Founder, Ben Klassen, had already had the name trademarked and it has been in common use pertaining to the World Church of the Creator for over twenty years.  Rev. Hale stood up against another enemy of the Faith, using his legal capabilities to try to fend off this latest attack.  Showing that the term "Church of the Creator" was in common use, ranging from several Southern Baptist churchs and even a Lego construction set bearing the name, Judge Lefkow conceded the point to our Church, allowing us to use the name, as it is a common term, in early 2002 (29 AC).  However, the TE-TA-MA organization appealed and a higher court, in November 2002 (29 AC), overturned the ruling and forced Judge Lefkow to rule against the Church.

Rev. Hale then decided to move the Church from Illinois to Wyoming, so as to better concentrate on this latest attack against both the Church and, by default, him.  He also changed the name of the Church to "The Creativity Movement", to slow down the attacks against our  Glorious Faith, in December 2002 (29 AC). It was becoming increasingly clear that the ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government, i.e. the anti-White nature of the current administration) were attempting to go after pro-White leaders and groups through the courts, rather than their usual methods, such as assassination (see George Lincoln Rockwell, for example).  Rev. Hale did his best, legally, to counteract this new form of political terror and was succeeding.  As such, the ZOG played its old card - the mole.

Whilst on his way to court, January 8, 2003 (30 AC), Rev. Hale was arrested for attempting to solicit the murder of Judge Lefkow, in response to the contempt of court charge for not complying with the trademark ruling.  The FBI had planted a mole in the Church, whose sole mission was to entrap Rev. Hale in some sort of nefarious scheme.  This mole, Anthony Evola, constantly and persistently made telephone calls to Rev. Hale, asking him to do something about  Judge Lefkow.  The sheer illogic of such an action - as Judge Lefkow ruled in our favor and was forced to overturn her decision by a higher court - made Rev. Hale a tad wary of such actions.  However, the FBI thought that they had enough information to take him to court for such a charge and so promptly arrested him when he arrived at the courthouse to argue his contempt of court charge.

The court case was biased against Rev. Hale straight from the beginning.  Not only was the tapes of the alleged order to kill Judge Lefkow hard to hear, they were also subject to interpretation that could have more than one meaning.  The prosecuting attorney was also using this case to aim for higher political office and so was not interested in promoting the "truth" but as to what he wanted the truth to be, such as using the Benjiman "August" Smith incident of years past as "proof" that Rev. Hale promoted violence against those anti-White, even though he was cleared of any involvement whatsoever; Michael Chertoff is now the head of Homeland Security, where he can continue his anti-White crusade.  Rev. Hale's lawyer tried his best against such odds but was also trying to sabotage the case as well, by such things as not allowing Rev. Hale to testify on his behalf.  

Rev. Hale was found guilty on four of the five charges laid against him, on April 26, 2004 (31 AC).  The usual sentencing for such charges would have been approximately twelve years; however, at the last moment, the prosecuting attorney threw in a tag to the charges, in that this was "domestic terrorism" and, as such, should have extra jail time added to the normal length of time for the charges.  The judge concurred and on April 6, 2005 (32 AC), Rev. Hale was sentenced to forty years for the solicitation of the murder of Judge Lefkow.  In a further injustice to this case, Rev. Hale was then placed, due to the domestic terrorism charge, under "Special Administration Measures", which reduced his contact with the outside world to only his immediate family (he can talk to this parents once a week on the telephone for no more than 30 minutes) and his lawyer.  The ZOG tried to to even force Rev. Hale to have his conversations with his lawyer recorded and thus break lawyer-client privilege.  In a small victory, Rev. Hale successfully appealed this ridiculous notion and that particular part of the "SAM" was removed.

Rev. Matt Hale (as of September 1, 2006 [33 AC]) now resides in a high security prison, in atrocious conditions, limiting his access to exercise facilities and contact with the outside world.  All this for the alleged attempt to murder someone, based on faulty evidence and the desire of the ZOG to see powerful pro-White leaders removed from the scene.  Yet, even in this situation, he still inspires hope for the faithful; despite what he has gone through, he is still a Creator and still believes in our Glorious Faith, showing that no matter how dark the hour, a man should still stand tall and proud of his Faith.

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