Fighting Degeneracy

Brother Curtis

To degenerate means to decline in function from a former state, or to fall into an inferior or undesirable state. This is absolutely not what we want for our Race! We Creators are interested in the opposite: rising to a more desirable state, and improving in our functioning from the former state of things. Everywhere the Creator is an example to follow in this regard. I don't know about other Creators, but I take much pride in being able to show the will and to fend off social degeneration and moral decay in everyday life.

Corruption. Sometimes it seems there is an immeasurable depth to the corruption that exists in public figures and bodies. Despite the written law of the land, influences have been allowed to gradually encroach upon constitutional rights, for example. This level of corruption has been clearly demonstrated in various instances as we try to spread Creativity to the hearts and minds of our people around the country. Some examples: as somebody was distributing literature local police didn't like it and so they charged for littering, which was later overturned; a public library refused to allow a meeting because of potential violence by others, which was reversed; and significantly, a license to practice law was denied to PM Hale because of personal political opinions and religious values and views. In most cases, public officials are more than reluctant to acknowledge the right of free speech and freedom of association. They often do not want us to have such rights, while they at other instances hold those very rights in high esteem because it has become a tool of power for them. Either they give way to threats and pressure over what integrity they might have, or they go out of their way and seek benefit for their own personal career or otherwise. They lack integrity, and perhaps might not even realize their debasement or dishonor. I'm not even considering that many Jews are involved in governmental functions. These Jews encourage the corruption first of all, and undoubtedly are taken after by Whites with a poisoned thinking.

Deceit. It seems just about each and every person in this world has a problem with lying. It might be just a little stretch of truth here and there, as it is not difficult to have some small problem with this. If you think it is a lie at all, it probably is. In any case people make petty lies, and frequently, but often there is no good example.

Speaking of politicians and corruption, there are facts and realities that are taboo, which the politicians dare not say for fear of losing their precious pennies. The amazing reality is that no politician will dare say anything in support of the White Race's existence, except as subtle deception in order to gain votes. These past two Presidents of the United States have been quite the examples as liars. These are the elected officials who lead the greatest army and the most powerful government in the world. Not only do they lie about their deviant sexual activities while at work, but they also lie to the people about what is going on in the world. President Bush wants us to believe Islamic terrorists hate our freedom, and not for supporting the Jew-Only state of Israel. Deception is shameful activity. Bush will never be able to tell the truth and the damage his lies cause will last forever.

Extreme acquisitiveness. From early age the Jew-tube floods the children with advertisements and fantastical glorifications of basically uselessly toys, junk foods and drinks, time-wasting games, bad music, watches, clothing brands, shoes, vehicles, all manner of things, so that they will be purchased. This very often results in a well-developed bad habit of wanting, seeking, and obtaining objects and things, most of the time none of which are really necessary. In my view incessant advertising is the key to this problem, but once such advertising is removed there is still need to correct the problem. The true source of the problem is material self-indulgence. We must be able to restrain ourselves, to refrain from degenerating to a point where we are ruled by the pursuit of the gratification of our material wants and desires, rather than our needs.

Sexual Deviance. This one is for the most part obvious to all of us. It includes a wide range of perverted sexuality and sexual activity. Homosexuality is clear sexual deviance, something widely promoted among the people in this country. Prostitution is a horrible reality and pornography is something that contributes to sexual deviance. The blatant desecration of the family is just one of the many horrible symptoms we witness from within this degenerating culture and society. There are various implied moral codes to what we believe as Creators. One of the most general, important and pressing aspects of our Race's degeneration is the marginalization of our White Culture and the severance of our cultural ties. As Pontifex Maximus Matt Hale wrote in an article entitled "Reclaiming Our White Culture" in the October 27AC issue of The Struggle, "We must not allow the Jew destroyers to sever us from the great culture of our ancestors as it is their drive to do."

These things that I have tried to illustrate here are few of many signs of degeneration in our society. They are areas in which we would do well to stand out and rightly contrast with the rest of the people in this country about. The scope of degeneration is wide and encompasses virtually all things physical, cultural and social.

The Essence of a Creator, point thirteen reads that "a Creator places a high value on ATTITUDE, and strives to continually maintain a healthy, positive, and dynamic attitude towards life." RAHOWA!

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