Choosing The Right Religion

By: Rev. George Loeb, 11th April, 33 A.C.

After years of exhaustive study, we have concluded that the Christian Bible is not at all confusing or contradictory when considered as a whole.  It's all quite clear, actually.  The book is the story of the Jews, their racist Jewish god, the Jews rejection of their god and the Jewish god's eternal condemnation of his own.

Now I'm sure that most Christians will be angered by the fact that we have called their "god" racist and, yet, the point cannot be debated in good faith by anyone.

Just consider Mark 7:24-26, where Jesus (God on Earth) is seen rejecting the pleas of non-Jews, preferring to reserver his healing power for Jews unless openly challenged as a racist.  As we have said, it's all quite clear.

Likewise, it's quite clear that the purpose of God on Earth was to offer salvation to the Jews first.  The Jews were "chosen" because they were then - as now - the most vile, perverse, greedy and manipulative and, generally speaking, unpleasant idol worshiping scum on Earth.

Clearly, in this story, the Jews rejected God on Earth and the offer of salvation and, thus, God gave his gift to the Gentiles [That's in the Book of Acts].

Finally, it's clear that all Jews except those that choose salvation through belief in Jesus or that live in Faith blameless under the burdensome Jewish laws of man, will suffer eternal torment in the bottomless pit, a lake of fire.  [Ah, yes, Justice as described in Revelation 7]

So, in conclusion, we see that the Christian bible is essentially anti-Jewish.

Why then should White people no choose Christianity ?  The  very simple reason is that Christianity is not a White religion.  It is available to negroes, Asians and those Jewish by race that will accept it.

More importantly, the churches of this Christianity openly demand payment for their services, as "tithes"; or, for "charity"; or as they pass the collection plate for an "offering".  A goodly portion of what is collected is, in turn, given to the "needy".

By and large, the money comes from members of the White race.  The "needy" are non-White.  Again, it could not be more clear.

Thus, in conclusion, we see that the Christian churches are a mere Jewish political manifestation that takes from hard working Whites and gives to lazy, stupid non-Whites.  This we must reject as a matter of our own survival.

But, there is good news !!

A Church and religion that is open and honest about who it is for, both in terms of membership and who it seeks to help.  A church by White People, for White people.

Consider the words of our Founder, Ben Klassen:

"Our first loyalty lies in our blood, to our own people, to the great and 
wonderful White racial family. [The White Race] ... Let us never 
forget this overwhelming important fact, it is the basic building block on 
which our new religion is founded - the religion which will not only restore the 
independence of the White Race, but make it great beyond our fondest dreams." 

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