Choosing The White Religion; Rejecting the Jewish Lies

By: Rev. George Loeb, 27th November, 32 A.C.

Today, neo-Christians have been taught to believe that their Bible is a written denouncement of racial reproductive loyalty.  Meanwhile, American Klansmen are Christian but also racial.  They must be reading a different book - or maybe just reading the book where others are not - as the words themselves in this matter, at least, are not all unclear :

"Now therefore give not your daughters unto their sons, nor seek their peace or their wealth ..."

That's in Ezra 9.  That's the Jews advocating against race mixing in the name of their god.  It's the Jews being advised not to make real or financial war against others.

With Jews continuing to obey the former and ignoring the latter, why are Whites living by a different version of "The Word" and reality ?  Why are White people ignoring the fact that it is Jewish media and Jewish government propaganda that leads their so-called leaders to preach race-mixing - advocating that they ignore the word of God, to give their daughters to sub-human primates (A form of beastiality, incidentally that the Bible says should be punished by death).

Meanwhile, the Jews are also waging financial war against us - even real war if you consider the fact that Jews manipulated America to participitate in battle in Germany and now in Iraq where White lives are being lost.

Yes, the Jews have declared war.  A propaganda war that leads to White women  being defiled in the twisted word of God; financial war and actual war too, declared against all who are not Jewish.

Why does the Christian Bible and the Jewish/Christian "God" say of such Jews and their activities ?  Well, that too is clear.

In Revelation 2, "God" said "I know the blasphemy of them, ... the synagogue of Satan".  That book notably continues on to say that Jews are condemned to eternal torment in a pit of fire.

Thus, true Christians would do the work of their God (and help preserve their race) by bringing about the fiery end to Jews on Earth, NOW, rather than later.  At the Church of the Creator, we are already working toward that end when we say "RaHoWa".  Sadly, the Christians (but for a handful or Klansmen) are doing nothing.  Perhaps they need a new religion.

We at the COTC stand ready to help.  We will help sheep become men again.  We will take away their fear and build courage, so that White men and women can defend themselves and their daughters against racial genetic rape and genocide.  As they throw aside their Bibles and pick up the mightiest weapon of all ... CREATIVITY (amen) and RAHOWA !!

Delenda est Judaica

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