by Kevin Hannan

Dr. Pierce, during his weekly broadcasts, will often use examples of sick Jewish behavior to illustrate intrinsic differences between Jews and Aryans. He states that Jews share certain pathologies collectively, such as scatological humor and degenerate sexual behavior. He also tells us that Aryans have certain unique weaknesses that make us an easy mark for Jewish predation. I believe he is right in both instances.

I was watching some program on the Televitz one day about beekeeping. The narrator described the difference in behavior between African, European, and Asian bees. African bees are hyperaggressive but not very productive; European bees are much larger, more docile, and very productive; Asian bees are smaller and also productive. European bees, despite their great size and productivity, have a deadly and tragic flaw. European bees are very susceptible to invasion of their hives by Asiatic parasites, a unique kind of mite from Asia that makes its living by sucking the bee's blood and living off the productivity of the hive. When these Asiatic parasites are able to penetrate a European hive the colony is usually finished. The mites lodge themselves on the thorax of the adults and bleed them dry. They also attack the larvae, as they are softer and very nutritious.

The European hive, collectively, does not know how to react to the parasites. The bees react by working even harder; the queen works overtime to produce more young. The mites use all this work to grow more numerous and fatter at the bee's expense. Eventually the queen gives out and the colony dies from attrition.

Asian bees are much more fit to deal with these parasites. When an adult bee finds one of these invaders he simply crunches him up in his jaws. If a mite lodges himself on the bee's thorax he gives off a distress signal to the other bees, and they search his body until they find the mite and have him for lunch.

This is a great example of replication in nature. Jews are parasites; they are from Asia, and Europeans don't know how to deal with them. The American European seems completely defenseless against the Jewish mites. I had my first real experience with Jews (believe it or not) at a YMCA summer day camp. My mother died when I was very young so every summer I would stay at my aunt's house in Freehold, N.J., where I would attend a summer YMCA day camp called Camp Hepburn. Camp Hepburn was 99.99% Jewish. All the campers were Jews, all the counselors were Jews, and the camp director was a really vile and greasy perverted old Jew from New York named Marty. That's right! The director of a Young Man's CHRISTIAN Association day camp was a dirty old Jewboy from New York named Marty. Marty was a very typical New York Kike: dark, smutty, hairy, and bald. He was around 45-50, and he hung out by the pool all day in his grape smuggler male bikini. He was always pawing at and hanging all over the female teenage Jewish camp counselors. Marty was always re-writing camp policy and arranging things to make Jewish kids more comfortable. For instance: anyone who was a member of the YMCA will remember we had t-shirts with a triangle that had YMCA in the middle. The triangle was supposed to represent the Holy Trinity. Marty said that was old history; it was too intolerant. The triangle now represented body, mind, and spirit. There were to be no more formal discussions about Christianity and so on. This was the new tolerant version of the YMCA, an organization that was founded to promote Christian fellowship amongst our young men.

I don't know how they were able to take over the camp so completely. I suppose some Jews from the ADL went to the YMCA and started putting their greasy fingers in some dumb Goy's chest, while screaming Holocaust and it was all over. The white Christians who founded and built the camp seemed utterly powerless to stop them. Most of the Jew-creatures came from nearby Manalapan. When I pointed out the overwhelming Jewishness of the camp to my father and aunt they were outraged at first but did nothing about it. They both really loathed Jews, but after a while they came to view the situation as amusing. In fact, my aunt and uncle would go once a summer to meet with the grand high mystic camp director Marty, and my Aunt always treated him with the greatest deference. Christians are willing to tolerate anything, even their own dispossession.

I went to Camp Hepburn for seven summers. I quickly came to realize few things about Jews. Firstly, they are inveterate cowards. Everyone remembers his school days where boys would establish a pecking order, some boys would bluff and some boys you would end up rolling around in the dirt with. Jews I discovered always bluffed; they had no heart for fighting.

By the time I was an intermediate boy I was king of the camp. Even the senior boys stayed out of my way. Whenever some new Jewboy started camp and tried to bluff me I would quickly smack him in the mouth and off he would run, crying and screaming to Marty. They were always threatening to throw me out of Camp, but never did. I guess Marty thought it best to not expel one of the only Christians in a YMCA camp.

For seven summers there were never more than a handful of Gentiles in the camp. For a couple of summers it was just myself and a short bookish Italian kid who became my best friend there. We never bothered to go to any of the planned activities, except for softball. We spent most of our time exploring the woods that surrounded the camp. After I was there a few summers they actually hired a Christian camp counselor. He took notice of how Anthony and myself loved to go hiking through the woods. He decided to have the three of us mark and create a trail system in the woods around the camp. We spent most of the summer clearing brush and marking trees on the trails. He wrote President Nixon to tell him what Anthony and I had done and we both received Presidential citations.

The next summer the Christian counselor, whom I can only remember as John, decided to gather around him the few Christians in camp and have discussions about Christ. We read from the bible, and as Anthony and myself were both being practicing Christians we were always there. This was diversity that Marty just could not tolerate and he quickly fired him. Once again there was not the least bit of resistance from my aunt, father, or any of the other Gentiles at the camp. Eventually the YMCA surrendered ownership of the Camp to the Jews, and it is no longer called Camp Hepburn, although it is still exclusively Jewish.

I believe the story of Camp Hepburn is another example of replication in nature. America, like Camp Hepburn in the late 1960's was already lost to those repulsive little Jewish mites. We still believed both belonged to us but we had already surrendered our control to the mites and we were being displaced.

I once read in a book called March of Titans that Jews are descended from an Asiatic tribe called Khazars. The Khazars were chased out of Asia because the other Asians found them intolerable. They began to kill them off in large numbers, so rather than face extinction the Khazars fled west and settled in southern Russia. There they founded a kingdom based on trade. What they traded in was white flesh. They would raid villages in eastern Europe and steal white children and women to be sold into slavery along the Oriental trades routes. Eventually the king of the 'Old Rus' tribe organized an army and smashed the Khazars' kingdom.

Old King Svederlov did not however go far enough. He did not hunt down the remaining Jews but allowed them to settle among his own people. They quickly became the small, hated, and parasitic minority in Europe that refused assimilation. No matter how many times throughout history Europeans attempted to rid themselves of the Jews we never went far enough. We always stopped short of what really needed to be done. Consequently the Jews bided their time and always managed a comeback. Now they have achieved supremacy in all European lands and we are faced with extinction. We need to follow the example of the Asiatic bees: whenever we find a mite in our midst we kill it, no questions asked.


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