Jewish Expulsion

"The Jews belong to a dark and repulsive force. One knows not how numerous the clique is, how they stick together, and what power they exercise through their unions. They are a nation of rascals and deceivers."--Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman statesman and writer (106BC- 43BC)

All dates below are A.D., unless noted otherwise. Jews have been ostracized from nearly every nation in the world at one time or another. Below are a list of nations and large cities from which they have been banished:

The vast majority of this work comes from The White Man's Bible, written by our beloved founder, Ben Klassen, as well as, a fellow Creator in the United States of America.

AFRICA: (Also, see "Ethiopia" and "Egypt") From 1147-1212, the Almohads of North Africa persecuted the Jews. Between 1790 and 1792, most of the Jewish cities in Morocco were razed.

ARABIA: Between 624 and 628, Muhammad destroyed the Jewish tribes of Hejaz.

AUSTRIA: In 1298, Jews were attacked in Franconia, Bavaria and Austria. Altogether, numerous Jewish communities were razed and 100,000 Jews killed. Later, Albrecht V forced the Jews to leave in 1420.

The 13th to 15th centuries were marked by serious persecutions. In 1420 as a result of a charge of Ritual Murder, all Jews in Austria were either burned, expelled or forcible baptized. They did not disappear, however, and in 1670 Margaret Theresa decreed another general expulsion.

In Salzburg, the Jewish community was massacred during the Black Death outbreak, 1349, and again following a Host Desecration charge in 1404. They were expelled by the Archbishop in 1498. In the province of Tyrol the Jews were accused of well poisoning at the time of the Black Death. As a further result of a Ritual Murder charge in 1475, the Jewish communities in Trent, Rinn and Lienz weere destroyed, and finally in 1520 all Jews were expelled from Tyrol.

No Stemming of the Tide. There was a hostile, but ineffective reaction to their return. Karl Lueger (1844-1910) who was Mayor of Vienna from 1897 dismissed entrenched Jewish officials, introduced segregation into public schools and took other anti-Jewish measures. However, it had little effect in stemming the Jewish tide, until the Hitler Anschluss of Austria in 1938.

AMERICA: On September 22, 1654, Peter Stuyvesant, the Governor of New Amsterdam, sought to oust Jews from his colony. In 1862, General Ulysses S. Grant issued Order No. 11. It forced all Jews to vacate the military district within a day of its application. (However, both Stuyvesant's and Grant's orders were retracted due to Jewish financial pressure, even at that early time.).

BABYLON (known as IRAQ today): In 586 B.C., Nebuchadnezzar conquered Judea (judah) and destroyed Solomon's Temple and all of Jerusalem. Jews were exiled or held captive. In 468 and 470, Jews were again persecuted.

BAVARIA: In 1551, Jews were banned.

BELGIUM: Jews were forced to vacate Flanders, which is now part of Belgium. Jews were not allowed to return until such time that they repented. In 1370, Jews were expunged.

CZECHOSLOVOKIA: 1745: The Jews were expelled from Prague, that being the second time. 70,000 Jews were forced to vacate the city by the "King's order, the reason being kept a secret." The King had probably read the Jewish Talmud and, rather than simply tell the people what it contained (which would have certainly led to violence), preferred to allow the Jews to leave peaceably.

DENMARK: Jews were not allowed entrance prior to the 17th century.

EGYPT: (See also "Ethiopia") During the time of Moses' birth, 1571 B.C., all male baby Jews were supposedly slain. In 3 B.C., Jews were ousted from Egypt, according to Greco-Egyptian historian Manetho. In 38 B.C., many Anti-Jewish riots took place in Alexandria, causing the deaths of many Jews. Jews were not permitted to leave a special area of the city reserved for them. In 66, Jews in Alexandria were massacred, causing 50,000 deaths.

ENGLAND: 1130 marked the year that Jews in London had to pay 1 million marks for killing an ill man. In 1189, after Richard the Lionhearted was coronated, many Jewish homes were burned; many Jews were slaughtered. All Jewish possessions were taken by England. In 1290, King Edward forced Jews to leave England. They were not allowed to return until 1655.

Jews first swarmed into England with the Norman Conquest of 1066. They soon became oppressive tax collectors for the Crown and monopolized finances, trade and commerce. In 1144 the first Ritual Murder accusation was brought against them in Norwich, and Chaucer (1340-1400) wrote about the Ritual Murder of Hugh of Lincoln in 1255. At the time of the Third Crusade, 1189-90, there were serious riots against the Jews all over the country, accompanied by much bloodshed. Antagonism grew further because of their financial manipulations and chicanery and they were finally expelled form the whole country by King Edward I in 1290.

In London, the Jewish headquarters, the Jews were well established before 1100. There was a murderous attack on the Jews at the time of the coronation of Richard I in 1189, and several more during the Baron's Wars of 1263-66. The Jews in London faced Ritual Murder accusations in 1238, 1244 and 1276.

Oliver Cromwell was the Jews' Chabez-goi who opened the floodgates in 1655 and the Jews swarmed in again en masse. By 1696 the Jews had control of the Bank of England and have retained control of banking, finance and government ever since.

ETHIOPIA: Ethiopian Jews, who are Black, have had a history of persecution as well. Israel first began began to take quantities of them in the mid-1950s to use as farm-hands in the Galilean Hills and the Negev, while many Africans sought to destroy them. Eventually, most Ethiopian Jews arrived in Israel, as two major movements of them in 1985 (Operation Moses) and 1992 (Operation Solomon) took place.

FRANCE: In 561, The French Bishop of Uzes made Jews in his diocese to choose either between baptism or expulsion. In 1182, King Philip Augustus expels the Jews and takes their realty. In 1242, massive burnings of the Jewish Holy Book the Talmud took place. Philip the Fair expelled the Jews in 1306. Although the Gentiles grew soft and allowed a few Jews to return, these Jews were again forced to leave in 1394. In 1540, Jews were banished from Naples. Some settlements of Jews were allowed to continue in Avignon, Bordeaux, Marseilles (from whence they were forced to vacate in 1682) and in part of Alsace.

The Jewish infestation of France began comparatively early, preceding 70 A.D., and by the ninth century France was tbe main center of activity of the international Jewisb traders, called the Radanites. By the 11th and 12th centuries the Jewish communities in France became the most densely settled in the world. This produced a hostile reaction and due to their nefarious practices they were excluded from the crafts and trades. The Jews then more and more monopolized money-lending and finance, strangling the commerce of the Gentiles.

Murderous attacks against the Jews became common after the First Crusade (1096). As in many other countries, as they were expelled from one area, they moved into another area, and soon back again to the original site. In Blois, the first Ritual Murder charge in 1171 resulted in 31 Jews being burnt at the stake. At the time of the Fourth Crusade (1235-36) a massacre of Jews in Brittany culminated in their expulsion in 1391. In the city of Carcassone, the Jews were temporarily expelled in 1253, again in 1306 and finally in 1394. After a Ritual Murder in the province of Dauphine they were expelled in 1253, but returned in 1289. After 1305 a series of expulsion orders were enforced against the Jews in the province of Gascony, culminating in the general expulsion of 1394.

Jews engineered the French Revolution. In the rest of France a general expulsion had been decreed and forcefully carried out in 1306. For the next several centuries Jewish activities in France were subdued, but flared up radically in the decades before the French Revolution, which the Jews engineered. After executing the King and Queen in 1793 and plunging Europe into 20 years of fratricidal warfare, the Jews were fully in the saddle again. During the French Revolution they systematically guillotined the French nobility and the French leadership. This extermination and the next 20 years of the Napoleonic Wars bled to death the cream of the French nation. France has never recovered.

GERMANY: In 1012, Emperor Henry II expels the Jews from Mainz. In 1096, the First Crusades transpired. Approximately 12,000 Jews were executed in cities along the Rhine River. Between 1146-1147, the Second Crusade took place, in which some Jews were killed. In 1298, German knight Rindfleisch, was responsible for the deaths of thousands of Jews in central and southern Germany. In 1510, Jews were expelled from Brandenburg. On August 23, 1614, Jews were expelled from Frankfurt (shown in picture at the top), which occurred after the riots that Vincent Fettmilch led on the "Jews Street." Approximately 1,380 Jews were forced to leave via ships. On July 14, 1933, Germany and its allies, who strongly encouraged Jews to leave their nations, started by stripping east European Jewish immigrants of their citizenship. In 1935, the Nuremberg Laws were enacted, removing citizenship rights to all Jews. Many Jews eventually died from hunger or diseases like typhus while incarcerated for crimes against the state, often being forced to engage in menial labor, while others may have been executed.

In no country has the warfare over the centuries been as bitter and intensive as between the Jews and the German people. Whereas countries like England, France, Spain during the Middle Ages were (more or less) unified under one ruler and capable of expelling the Jews (more or less) out of the entire country in 1290, 1306 and 1492, respectively, the fragmented Germans were never in such a position until 1871. By that time it was too late, and the Jews too powerful and too well entrenched on a world-wide basis. During Medieval times when one German dukedom or principality would throw them out, they would just run to the adjoining territory, multiply, and soon be back. Never could any meaningful cleansing be effected throughout the German land. Nevertheless, the Jewish hatred for the Germans, and vice-versa, was most virulent in the German states and to this day the German people are the primary target of genocide by the international Jewish network.

The history of warfare between the Jews and the Germans is a long one and we can only give a small fragment here.

By 1090 the Jews had become so obnoxious and insufferable that the Crusaders killed the Jews in the Rhineland, the area of densest Jewish settlement in Germany at that time.

During the Black Death epidemic (1348-49) the Jews were charged with spreading the plague by poisoning wells and dropping infected bodies in wells. In Germany alone during this time attacks on Jews took place in about 350 areas, while 60 large and 150 small Jewish communities were exterminated. Many towns thereafter tried to banish the Jews for all time, but the Jews always returned, as we shall see.

In Breslau the Jewish community was wiped out in 1349. In 1453 an accusation of Host Desecration led to the killing of 41 Jews and the banishment of the rest. In Coblenz the Jews suffered persecutions in 1265, 1281 and 1287, and from Armleder attacks in 1337. The Jewish community was wiped out during the Black Death Massacres of 1349, but they returned by 1356 and were again banished from the entire province of Trier in 1418. Jewish activity in Dresden was first recorded in 1375. By 1448 they were run out because of their activities of counterfeiting coins and aiding the Hussites.

The Jewish community was expelled from Dusseldorf in 1438 but returned late in the 16th century. Despite anti-Jewish riots in Erfurt in 1221, the Jewish community continued to develop until the Black Death Massacres of 1349, when the survivors were banished. They returned in 1357 and were run out again in 1458. The Jewish community in Frankfurt-Am-Main was annihilated in 1241 and again by the Flagellants in 1349. The Jews in Frankfurt monopolized moneylending and finance in the Middle Ages and even today Frankfurt is one of the world's more important Jewish financial centers. The Fettmilch riots in 1614 led to a temporary expulsion and the War of 1796 resulted in the destruction of a large part of the Jewish ghetto in Frankfurt.

In the city of Halberstadt, the Jews were run out in 1493, returned in the next century and again driven out in 1594. The Jews' main activity in the city of Leipzig was money lending. They were annihilated in the Black Death massacres of 1349, but others returned. The Jews in Mainz were expelled as early as 1012 but soon returned. Hundreds were killed by Crusaders in 1096, despite the Bishop's protection, but others soon returned. A series of massacres ensued at the time of the Black Death ( 1349), but the Jews kept coming back. Expulsion edicts were issued in 1438, 1462 and 1470-71.

Jews were present in the area before the German state of Prussia was even formed. When Frederick William became the Grand Elector, Jewish power expanded rapidly. They became "Court Jews," money-lenders, mint-masters, army purveyors and the aristocracy of the community.

In the ancient and beautiful city of Rothenburg the Jewish community was destroyed during the Rindfleisch massacres of 1298, was renewed, and again destroyed in 1349. The Jews again returned, again were repulsed in 1349. The Jews again returned, again were repulsed in 1397 after massacres. They returned again in 1402 and were driven out in 1520.

In 1348 in the city of Stuttgart, the Jews were burnt on charges of well-poisoning and spreading the Black Plague. There were a number of expulsions in the succeeding centuries. The story in Trier was similar. The Jewish community was destroyed in 1349, infiltrated back in a few decades, was again driven out in 1418 and returned in 1500.

The above pattern can be repeated in just about every German city, every German state. Wherever the Jews settled they became obnoxious parasites and were driven out time and time again by an outraged populace. But they always returned to sink their tentacles deeper. They learned from their previous mistakes and became more cunning in neutralizing the community they set about to exploit and strangle.

Toward the close of the Middle Ages most of the German cities had repeatedly banished Jews. But they always returned in larger numbers. The fratricidal Thirty Years' War (1618-48) over Christianity pitted Catholics against Protestants. It was provoked and instigated by the Jews, destroyed 65% of the German population and 80% of the buildings and property. It left the German nation in shambles, more fragmented than ever into small jealous petty states. It set the German nation back perhaps 300 years, but, as usual, the Jewish position greatly benefitted thereby. The fragmented, impoverished states turned to the Jews as money lenders. Many of the key positions were filled by Court Jews, military purveyors, financial advisers, tax collectors, money lenders and many other vital areas. Jewish power and infestation grew until the Hitler era.

HUNGARY: 1360 marked the year that Jews were expurgated, though they returned later. In 1582, Jews were again banished. Maria Theresa, who was Queen of Hungary and Bohemia (1717-1789), banished the Jews, by declaring: "Henceforth, no Jew, no matter under what name, will be allowed to remain here without my written permission. I know of no other troublesome pest within the state than this race, which impoverishes the people by their fraud, usury and money-lending and commits all deeds which an honorable man despises. Subsequently, they have to be removed and excluded from here as much as possible."

ITALY: In 1492, 100,000 Jews were expelled from Sicily. Jews were exscinded from Sardinia and Naples in 1540; from Venice and Genoa in 1550. In 1553 Rome, any copies of the Talmud were burned. In 1569, and again in 1593, Jews were expelled from Italy. From 1846-1878, in the Vatican State, Pope Pius IX enforced former restrictions against the Jews.

IRAQ: (See also "Babylon"): In 1969, many Jews were executed.

JERUSALEM: Jew were expelled from Jerusalem in 70 A.D. and were "forbidden to enter on pain of death." Supposedly, 1.1 million Jews were executed, and 97,000 were enslaved. The city was renamed Aelia Capitolina by Gentiles. Click here to view an article from an old encyclopedia. Although the Jews were allowed to return eventually, Constantine again enforced the edict to expell Jews in 324.

LIBYA: In 1948, pogroms occurred.

LITHUANIA: Grand Duke Alexander castigated Jews in 1495 by banishing them; however, they returned.

MONGOLIA: A pogrom occurred there in 1919.

NETHERLANDS: In 1444, Jews were were banished from Utrecht.

NORWAY: Jews were not permitted entrance to Norway until after 1814.

POLAND: The Jewish infestation began in the 9th Century and was reinforced by aggressive Khazar elements at the time. Despite pogroms, massacres and expulsions, the Jewish infestation increased until in the 19th century and by the first part of the 20th century Poland had the largest Jewish population (percentage-wise) in the world.

The King of Poland revoked all citizens' rights of Jews in 1453. (Poland was made part of Russia between 1712 and 1815.) In 1795 Jews were forced to live in Russia's Pale of Settlement. While these laws eventually became relaxed under Alexander II, they were enforced again in 1882 after his assassination by a Jewish plot. In 1938, 17,000 Polish Jews were denied entrance to Poland. On July 4, 1946, a pogrom occurred in Kielce, where 42 Jews were killed and many more injured.

Ritual Murders by Jews brought retaliations in Posen in 1399 and in Cracow in 1407. Students in Cracow began anti-Jewish riots in 1401, and attacks took place in Cracow, Lvov, Posen and elsewhere. They were driven out of Warsaw in 1483, out of Cracow in 1491. The Chmielnicki uprisings against the Jews (1648-49) destroyed hundreds of Jewish communities. Economic restrictions (against Jews), pogroms, and Ritual Murder charges were recurrent throughout Poland. Thousands were killed by the Haidmak disorders of 1768 in the Ukraine.

After 1815 the bulk of Poland was under Russian rule and its Jewish history continued under Russia. By 1828 Jews constituted 50% of the urban population of Poland, making it the most heavily Jew-infested country in the world.

Looking at the reaction in some of the major cities we find a Jewish pogrom occurred in Bialystok as late as 1906. In the city of Kalisch there was a whole series of persecutions, beginning in the 14th century. In 1656 the Jewish community in Kalisch was destroyed by Polish General Czarniecki.

In 1399 a Host Desecration charge in Posen resulted in the killing of a rabbi and 13 elders, and anti-Jewish outbreaks occurred there in 1468, 1577 and 1687. Jews living in Warsaw were persecuted in 1454 as a result of (Italian Franciscan preacher) Capistrano's incitement and were expelled out of the city in 1483.

Jews settled in Pinsk in the 16th century and soon monopolized the grain trade. Jews suffered severely in the Chmielnicki massacres of 1648-49 and also the Swedish Wars of 1700. Nevertheless by the beginning of World War II, the population of Pinsk was 70% Jewish. By 1939 there were 360,000 Jews living in the City of Warsaw, one of the highest concentrations in Europe at the time.

PORTUGAL: In 1498, Jews were told to leave.

PRUSSIA: The year 1510 marked the epoch in which Jews were forced to vacate Prussia.

ROME: (Also, see "Jerusalem.") In 315, Constantine the Great issued many anti-Jewish laws. Later, in 379, Theodosius the Great prevented Jews from retaining an official gate position or place of honor. He also allowed synagogues to be razed if it was for a religious reason.

RUSSIA: In 1100, pogroms directed against Jews in Kiev occurred. In 1772, Russia issued the Pale of Settlement, a decree that restricted Jews to live in only certain areas of Russia. The restriction continued in effect for almost a century. In 1861, Alexander II allowed some Jews to live outside the Pale of Settlement and to even hold government positions. However, in 1881, after Czar Alexander II was assassinated by a plot contrived at the home of Jewess Hesia Helfman, Jews who were allowed to live outside the Pale of Settlement were forced to return. (Later, Jews wrested control of Russia, made anti-Jewism a crime punishable by death, proceeded to massacre 40 million Gentiles and razed most churches.) In 1991, antipathy towards Jews was renewed (to a small degree).

SAXONY: Jews were forced to leave in 1349.

SLOVAKIA: In 1380, Jews were banned from Prague. As time continued, Slovakia became lax, and Jews moved there again after 1562. 1744 marked the year when Marie Theresa banished Jews again.

SPAIN: Jews entered Spain as early as the 6th century B.C., coming in with the Phoenician traders. From 612 A.D. a relentless warfare ensued between the natives and the Jews, marked by sporadic outbreaks and massacres. The Jews helped the Arabs invade Spain in 711 by betrayals from within.

From 612 to 621, the Spanish king Sisebut told all Jews to either convert to Christianity or be exiled. While some Jews remained, in 694 they were dispossessed and made slaves.

For several centuries the Jews prospered under the Arabs and Spain became the foremost Jewish center of that time. In the Christian part of Spain Jews became tax collectors and "Court Jews," and soon controlled both the government and the economy. The infestation became so flagrant (20-25% of the population were Jews) and so oppressive the Spaniards reacted.

In Granada in 1066 while still under Moslem rule the Jews were attacked and expelled. The Jewish community re-established itself but was again uprooted by the Almohades (Moslem) invasion in 1148 and Jews were either expelled or converted to the Moslem religion. In Cordova Jews were also expelled or converted by the Almohades in 1147.

In 1321, 5,000 Jews were burned at the stake for poisoning wells. In 1391, pogroms, in which 50,000 Jews were killed, occurred all over Spain, especially in Cordova, Granada, Segovia and Seville.

When the Spaniards again woke up to the fact that the Jews were the cause of their misery, they again reacted. Under the leadership of Ferdinand and Isabella the Inquistition was instituted to ferret out the disguised Jews parading as Christians (known as Marranos). This process went on simultaneously while the Spaniards were fighting an all-out war to drive the Mohammedan Moors out of Spain. In this war the Marranos and the Jews were perpetually betraying the Christians in favor of the Moors. Further massacres of the Jews broke out sporadically in many cities.

Jews were ousted from Spain on March 30, 1492. It was not until 1968 that Spain invited Jews to come back. Today, there are only a few thousand Jews who reside there.

SWEDEN: Jews could not reside in Sweden until after 1782.

SWITZERLAND: In 1939, Switzerland asked German authorities to mark all Jewish passports with the red letter "J," so that the Swiss quickly would be able to identify who to deny entrance.

SYRIA: Even today, Jews are not allowed to vote there or to emigrate.

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