The Ritual Murder of White Folk in Bali

By: Anonymous

What has happened in Bali, on 12th October, 29AC (2002AD), is a devastating example of our country's pandering to the almighty all-knowing USA government. Never have I seen such blatant arse-licking occurring, and the end result of such a licking, being the death of so many innocent Australians.

What did they do to deserve this ?? The answer is nothing. They were the unfortunate victims of an uncaring government who is more concerned with the cuddling up to the USA, than with the future of its own people. In doing so, this government in Australia has sold out its people, and is no more that a government-in-treachery.

Let us look at how this all happened. The logical extension of the events leading to this terrible tragedy is there for all to see, yet the media has failed in its duty to bring it all together.

Israel is afraid of the possibility of Palestinians gaining some effective control in world affairs. The Palestinian Authority almost managed to get the United Nations to look into the terrible atrocities committed by that bandit state of Israel.

Israel starts to crack down on the Palestinians, forcing them to retaliate in such ways as suicide bombers, against the Israeli helicopter gunships sending missiles into refugee camps, tanks blowing up residential areas.

Iraq, being the only nation in the area that is strong enough to not worry about international opinions outside of its borders, supports the Palestinians against their unjust political persecution by the Israelis.

Israel feels threatened, and rightly so, especially after the United Nations recent conference on racism has determined that Israel is a racist state - it sees that its undue influence is about to be melted away. It decides that it needs to gain some recognition as the persecuted race once more.

With the Americans feeling that isolationism may be the way to go once more, suddenly some buildings fall down in New York. Amazingly, the heavily Jew-infested World Trade Centre Towers have nearly no Jewish fatalities, though normally there is many thousands working there.

Americans feel angry, and rightly so, that some terrorist group could attack American sovereignity. Within 12 hours, the world "knew" it was Osama bin Laden, another dubious piece of detective work. This brought a whole new angle into to equation - Muslims.

Israel has been fighting "arabic" people for decades, purposedly going about the destruction of their semitic cousins. Unable to win on its own, it brought its "ally", the USA, into it by having a "muslim" terrorist action on its home turf. Just to make sure that the Jews could have a souvenier of the event, it sent some Mossad agents to video-tape it, whose exuberance was noted by some sharp-eyed observers.

Now, with the USA fighting Muslims, it had to have a target. Afghanistan was chosen, merely because it suited the oil interests in the USA, who want a pipeline from the Caspian Sea oil fields across the shortest length of land. That was via Afghanistan into nice "friendly" Pakistan.

However, the Taliban, who were fighting against the Afghani drug trade quite successfully, decided to not play ball. Thus, it was "determined" that bin Laden was there at one stage or another - probably in a CIA-funded camp. Combining the two was a stroke of genius, for the Jews and their lackeys, so, off went into action the mighty USA war machine.

This did not stop Iraq from its stand in the international world politics for the rights of the Palestinians who were still being persecuted, while the world's focus was on the evil Taliban in Afghanistan. Increased trade embargoes were still not having an effect; nor the bombing of their military bases by the jets of the USA and Britain.

Out of the whole world, only two other nations were the strongest in supporting the "war against terrorism" - Israel and Australia. All other countries, and the United Nations, were to wary of this "sudden" rise in muslim extremism. They wanted proof and, despite the whole world clamouring for such proof, it was never shown to the people, just the Jewish lackeys in the governments of the world.

Australia was prepared to get a possible deal for Australian farmers from the USA, and lose the certain deal with Iraq, worth $800 million, just so it can go along for the ride. This disgusting show at aggrandizement was not lost on the Australian public.

After having our armed resources stretched to the breaking point with the action in East Timor, Australians were not about to commit troops, machinary and money for some dubious effort that may never show any results, much like the "war on drugs". They became vocal and demanded accountability by the government.

So the hawks of war decided to go home to their roost, especially our Foriegn Minister, Mr. Alexander Downer, who had been the most vocal of them all. There was a lull in the war in Afghanistan, as the forces there were having trouble routing the legitimate government forces hiding in the desolate terrain - just as everyone said that they would.

Pushing the buttons for the world to attack evil every where, the Jewish media started publishing and promoting that Iraq and Saddam Hussein were sponsoring terrorism across the world. Iraq had even allowed bin Laden to come into its country - or so they said. Saddam Hussein, who had been America's ally in the 1980's, had now become the next USA boogey-man.

Still the push for war on Saddam was going slow - the United Nations refused to commit to any action without the full Security Council backing. In the Security Council, Britain followed the heels of the USA, while France dithered and Russian and China were firmly against any action against Iraq.

So, the situation was such : Australia, the once fervent proponent of war against terrorism with the USA, had gone quiet due to the strong defiance by the public; the Security Council had refused to bow down to Israel's ally and demanded real proof, not just America's/Israel's word. The stage had been set for another showdown, and this time it came from the largest Muslim country outside of the Middle East.

On 12th October this year, a bomb blast at the Kuta nightclub in Bali, an island in Indonesia claimed over 185 lives, mostly foriegner tourists having a good time. The majority of such tourists were Australians, as this was the "Australian" area of the nightclub strip. That there were two blasts - one to attract the attention of the people, the second to do more damage to people - was to show that the group behind this wasn't concerned for human lives.

Following the 11th September incident, we see that it was yet again another Muslim attack, this time a radical Indonesian group, headed by a cleric called Baashir (spelling?). This was again within the 12-24 hours after the blast, despite that there was no telephone call stating that they were the "terrorists" or such. It would appear that once again that bin Laden was involved, via a tenuous connection.

So now Australia has been riled up in righteous anger against the evils of the extreme Muslim terrorists ! We have been given our equivalent of the 11th September bombings and now we are back on course with the Jewish-led USA government, to attack Iraq - even though the blast was in Indonesia.

Australians have been led down the garden path now for decades, following the Jewish-led government of the USA towards the salvation of Israel, at the expense of the White Race. Even if the bomb blast in Bali wasn't due to the machinations of the CIA/Mossad agencies, but was by the Muslims, then it shows that we are living in a dangerous world, where supporting Israel leads to death of White Folk.

If it was the Muslims that did it, it was because Australia supports America and America supports the Israeli aggression against Muslims, in Palestine. To the Muslim it makes logical sense to attack Australia, as they see us as part of the Israeli alliance to destroy the Arabic world.

The Muslims have a strong faith for their race, and so does the Jews. This allows them to suffer a lot for their race. The White Race does not have such a religion and it surely needs one right now. If we are to compete in the survival of our White Race, then we need a religion that binds us all together - that religion is Creativity.

We do not need to die for Israel any more !!

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