Newspaper Articles

Thank you for visiting this page. In it we are showing you the newspaper articles that have been written about us.

All of the articles were written, in my opinion, in a most derogatory style, determining that we are to be dismissed or shamed into leaving the region. However, the newspaper does not necessarily show the accurate feelings of the people. Indeed, these articles just show us that they are more afraid of us, than we are them.

Unfortunately, our local newspaper does not have an on-line repository of their stories, for us to show you. As such, you will have to trust me that these articles I type up here are real and accurate. The articles were written, in my local newspaper, The Morning Bulletin, and any grammatical or spelling errors within them are as the article was originally written, or, my own personal mistake.

If you do see a spelling mistake you know to be erroneous, please email me to let me know - I will refer to the articles I have kept and check for verification.

We will put the most latest articles up front first.


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